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Yankees Test Starts Wednesday

Starting a 19-game run last week, the New York Yankees looked to be in trouble coming off a miserable road trip.

Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez were not hitting at all, add that to the growing list of injuries, and you have the temperament of darn nifty pity party.

Blame it entirely on being homesick because once the Yankees got back to the Bronx on Friday night the team came back to life.

Beating the AL Central first place Minnesota Twins for two of three games, the Yankees, as a group, looked determined and nothing was going to stop them.

The Yankees continue this difficult period in their agenda by welcoming the hated Red Sox to town for two games.

The Red Sox are in fourth place, behind the surprisingly competitive Toronto Blue Jays. These two games are the Yankees to take, and helps them training for the games that follow.

After the Red Sox, the most crucial wins for the Yankees come Wednesday and Thursday, with the arrival of the Tampa Bay Rays.

As a Yankees fan, I am sick and tired of hearing about the Tampa Bay Rays.

No denying the Rays are a formidable team. They currently lead the Yankees in the AL East standings and retain young, mega-talented players all around.It drives me crazy that the media ruffles the Rays feathers always, with ESPN leading the charge.

Other than YES Network‘s Mike Francesca, who in the media has not jumped on the Tampa Bay bandwagon?

Just go on ESPN Sportscenter or BBT (Baseball Tonight), who highlight the Ray’s wins longer than any of the other 29 teams. To be fair, change that to the other 28 teams, because when the Yankees lose they get equal treatment.

Fact is the Rays went from 2008 ALCS champs to a bunch of chumps in 2009. ESPN’s unstoppable force is the team to beat in 2010.

On the other hand, the Yankees are the reigning 2009 champs, who have better hitting and pitching than Tamps.

ESPN does not consider those facts because according to them, the Yankees need to create a nursing home for all the washed up veterans and another minor-league park for all the overrated rookies.

My observations on the Rays are that they continually show flashes from both 2008 and 2009 at least regarding general attitudes.  I suppose it is all just apart of growing-up. Tampa is an naive franchise that has young players who are thrown into colossal roles, because the time to develop is just too expensive.

Instead of ranting on and on, here is my intention.

I want the Yankees to win both games against the Rays. I have been anticipating these two games for weeks, like a kid on Christmas, and I am not alone.

Yankees fans all over New York can not wait for Wednesday with the high hopes to win.


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