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Yankees: Teixeira causing an Overbay problem

No one hypothesized that the New York Yankees would be anything less than joyful and relieved to get back their wounded superstars.

Mark Teixeira on the basepaths during a game b...

Mark Teixeira on the basepaths during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 26, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, no one assumed this haphazard army of reserves would be winning enough games to be atop of the AL East either. You can check out available MLB future odds to see that the Yankees are now one of the favorites to win the 2013 World Series, a spot this team was far from just six weeks ago.

Everyone getting this team wrong doesn’t change the fact the Yankees are now in a pickle. Some might even call it a catch-22, as their pricey stars start getting healthy.

Curtis Granderson came off the DL earlier this week, which gives skipper Joe Girardi some relief in the outfield.

Granderson has played his whole career in centerfield but was started in left.

This essentially would put Vernon Wells out of a job he has done superbly.

Luckily for Girardi, Wells’ hot bat gets to stay since DH Travis Hafner is suffering from a sore shoulder, which buys the skipper some extra time.

Looking at the bigger picture, Girardi might not get the same courtesy when first baseman Mark Teixeira returns.

As, where is Lyle Overbay going to go?

According to a tweet from Bryan Hoch of MLB.com, Tex is anticipating returning soon.

Clearly, Overbay is not in the same league as Tex but you cannot deny his importance to the Yankees success thus far.

You cannot deny that Overbay’s 24 RBIs, which are second most behind Robbie Cano, and six homers, tied with Hafner for third most, haven’t been a Godsend.

Essentially, Overbay has way overachieved and to think he can keep it up for an entire season is a huge stretch. And it was inevitable that Overbay would be released or traded presuming Tex is here to stay.

What scares me is dismantling something that works, and losing, which elevates Overbay’s overall importance to the team.

In turn, enduring Tex’s perennial slow start at the plate will feel like exaggerate torture.

Even knowing that Tex always ends up with big numbers might not make this four to six weeks semi-bearable this time.


The bottom line is baseball’s 25-man roster will eventually not allow the Yankees to keep Overbay, and probably some others.

My opinion is that the Yankees do not act immediately particularly in regards to Overbay.

It would be pretty stupid to release Overbay, or trade him for scraps before seeing how Tex’s injured wrist holds up.

Also, you have to consider that Tex’s hired back-up Kevin Youkilis is still on the DL. Youks has been mighty fragile for some time now, so making any rash decisions based on him seems a tad risky too.

Still, the main goal here is for the Yankees to continue winning right?

So the last thing the Yankees want is to be kicking themselves in the rear for letting Overbay go to fast.

Also, you have to factor in the chance that all this shuffling could very well put this team’s chemistry in jeopardy too.

Look, no one knew the Yankees would be in this place as it seems almost surreal, but it is what it is and they have to deal with it.

My one wish is that the Yankees don’t start losing games while figuring all this out because the BEEP will hit the fan(s). Ha-ha….did you get that pun?

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  1. HHC says:

    Teixeira is known to take 1/2 of a season to warm up his bat. By the time his batting average reaches above 0.25, the regular season will have only one month left. If I were GM, I will let him play in AAA to warm up his bat until he is ready offensively. Cashman should not release Overbay who is doing great both offensively and defensively.

  2. AaronA21 says:

    I like the idea of warming up Tex in Scranton but i don't think that will happen. The bottom line is$. We pay him way to much. Why not use overbay at DH now that Hafner is out? I like the oufield with Grandy playing left to fill in for the departed Swish. We all know Wells can't keep this up all season. If and when he starts to struggle we move Grandy back to CF.

  3. Phil says:

    What if Wells doesn't start to struggle? It makes your statement wrong!! Wells was a darn good hitter. e is reborn in a Yankee uniform we must keep him if we can>

  4. vito perretti says:

    It is what it is. baseball has gone through this problem before and it was known to all that when our players came off the disabled list they are our starting lineup. Not to worry joe is better when his back is against the wall

  5. Neil says:

    I think you keep what you have until it starts to decline. Keeping Tex in AAA is the right move, he gets paid the same regardless of where (or even if) he is playing.

  6. NY2VA4EVER says:

    I agree with placing Tex in Scranton and letting Overbay continue his exceptional play until Tex can return. The guy that needs to be dealt out is ARod, if we could, that would help our CAP situation. Granderson could timeshare left or right field with Wells or Suzuki or Wells could DH, when needed and while Hafner is on DL. I believe "if it's not broke, don't fix it" and it's not broke, for now.