Yankees: What team isn't trying to steal our skipper? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: What team isn't trying to steal our skipper? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: What team isn't trying to steal our skipper? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: What team isn’t trying to steal our skipper?

The first priority on GM Brian Cashman’s extensive off-season checklist is resigning skipper Joe Girardi, as his contract expired at the end of this past season.

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English: Joe Girardi presents President Barack Obama with a New York Yankees signed team jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keeping Girardi is absolutely vital more than ever, as he was the team’s nucleus through all the ups and downs that this last year doled out.

The Yankees exclusivity over Girardi until October 31st and then other team are free to tempt him away.

And for the few Girardi-haters, here is some advice… stop your nonsense because you sound senseless by saying to let this man walk even one step away from the Bronx.

Let me tell you, this is a wanted man across baseball as any team needing a new voice to lead their team will be after Girardi.

The Cubs, Reds and Nationals are all said to be interested in making Girardi an offer if he decides to hear them come November.

David Kaplan of CSN Chicago tweeted that the Nationals already asked the Yankees for permission to talk to him and I think you can figure out that Cashman said absolutely not.

But the biggest threat comes Cubs, as Girardi is a Chicago native, who started and finished his career playing in Wrigley Field.

Mike Axisa of CBS Sports reported that the Cubs are hoping to get the chance to present Girardi good reasons why he should come back home.

A long shot, according to Jon Heyman from CBS Sports, is rumored to be from the Dodgers as they have yet to pick up current skipper Don Mattingly’s team option. But considering how great the Dodgers have been post All-Star break it hard is tough to imagine why they would ever let Donnie baseball go.

I cannot emphasize enough how important inking Girardi is for the Yankees.

Yankees ownership is well aware of Girardi’s importance.

And thank goodness a manager’s salary is not included in a team’s annual payroll, or else the Yankees would be in trouble.

You can bet that Hal Steinbrenner gave Brian Cashman the green light to do whatever it takes to get this deal done.

And ESPN New York reported Cashman as saying, “We are going to give him a real good reason to stay.”

I would expect nothing less, as the last thing anyone wants is to let get the chance to tempt Girardi away.

It has also been said that Girardi could take a year or two off and get back into the broadcast booth. That would allow him more time with his family, along with maybe a needed managerial break.

Who knows what the Yankees skipper will end up doing but my guess is if he is going to stay in the pinstripes that the deal would e signed within the next week.

Yankee fans and ownership need to keep their fingers crossed that Girardi does choose to wait out the month.

As that sends a clear message that he is not sold on remaining in the Bronx.

And any man managing an MLB team has to be all because ultimately if not, you will fail and that is not fair to the players at all.

Personally, I have always been a Girardi fan and it grew even deeper after this season.

The Yankees off-season needs to give the fan base a reason to get excited and signing Girardi means it is off to a good start.

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  1. Ann says:

    The Cubs could really use him :)