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Yankees: Team has no muscle literally

I hate harping on the past, especially when the situation cannot be changed, but there is always an exception.

Russell Martin

Russell Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For example if you had zero input in a decision, opposed it completely and find out you were right.

Like during this past off-season, when the Yankees decided not to keep catcher Russell Martin.

The Yankee brass let Martin sign a 2-year deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates and didn’t bat an eyelash.

What is even worse is learning later on that Martin wanted to stay in New York.

FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal reported that Martin, though, told the Yankees he was willing to accept a one-year contract in the $9 million to $10 million range, according to two major-league sources.

My guess is the Yankee brass will be kicking their own behinds about letting Martin walk, if they aren’t already.

Martin is not a superb hitter but he hit with power, something the Yankees have none of this season.

If Martin was still with the Yankees here is how his batting thus far would rank:

Russell Martin - 2013 batting stats

How would Russell Martin rank as a Yankee?

Martin’s 32 strikeouts would make him 5th least out the current Yankee line-up.

Martin is posting a .262 batting average, with three of his seven homers and 16 of his 22 RBIs coming with men-on-base, a sore spot for the Yankees.

Regardless that his numbers are far from mind numbing, you cannot deny that Martin wouldn’t have helped the current Yankees offensively.

On April 29, 2013, Martin was named NL Player of the Week.

Also, how pleasant would it be not to have to see Austin Romine?

Having the Martin and Stewart combo behind the dish would keep Romaine in Scranton.

Plus Martin worked well with the pitching staff, is durable and was great in the clubhouse last season.

That is probably why during the off-season, Martin’s teammates publically campaigned their hope for his return.

Back to reality, and Yankee fans were treated to a fifth loss in six games. This time it was at the hands of the Angels, 5-2 in first of a three game set.

Southpaw Andy Pettitte was on the bump, and threw seven innings, giving up four earned runs.

That is a solid enough start for the bats to win. Problem is scoring four runs appears unattainable for this team at the moment.

All fans can do is hope something gives again and go cheer the Bronx Bombers on live by buying Yankees tickets today.

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