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Yankees: Tanaka Time Tonight


MASAHIRO TANAKA (Photo credit: thoungfu)

After watching the Mets win the first game of the Subway Series, 9-6, it didn’t seem like things could get much worse for the Yankees.

Well, never say never as the Mets bludgeoned the Yankees again last night, 12-7.

That marked the Yankees fourth loss in a row, which makes them just another .500 team at 19-19, the same record as the Mets.

Speaking, as a Yankees fan, losing to the Mets is particularly hard to endure because my New York City pride is getting mutilated and I hate it.

See baseball-wise, things are simple for the Yankees, play better or keep losing.

True, the Yankees are overwhelmed by a slew of recent injuries, thus consequently why winning has become such a problem but as B. Dodge once said:

“No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork, and determination a person can overcome anything.”

So, how can the Yankees pull it together?

Literally taking it one game at a time, which starts with winning tonight in Citi Field behind Masahiro Tanaka, as they cannot afford to waste his start.

The homers will not be as abundant in Queens; so stellar defense could be the difference maker.

So you can bet that Yankees skipper Joe Girardi will be implementing some extreme defensive shifts since Citi Field is a pitcher’s park, which means the potential for lots of balls to be in play is high. I just hope Girardi doesn’t do anything to crazy (stupid).

Citi Field will also work in Tanaka’s favor, as his one downfall is being taken deep seven times this season.

The Mets are trying to pull a fast one by calling up top pitching prospect Rafael Montero to counter Tanaka.

This will be the 24-year old righty’s first start in the Majors. Montero’s 95 mph fastball and exceptional command have convinced the Mets that he is better option than having Jenrry Mejia on the bump. And it is hard not to agree with this move.

One would presume that facing the Yankees, on the biggest stage in sports for your first pro-start would be terrifying, unless your name is Masahiro Tanaka.

And for this reason the Yankees have the advantage in this game, as last time I checked their swagger is till in tack. And to my knowledge the Yankees have not put their attitudes on the 15-DL, right?

The bottom line try to put aside the fact that the Yankees pitching is utter disarray, or that ESPN reported that bone spurs were found in Carlos Beltran’s elbow, and how winning has now become a HUGE problem.

As none of that matters tonight except winning the third game of the Subway Series, so my advice is to ignore all the above until tomorrow.

As Yankee Universe, will be running on Tanaka Time tonight.

“Losing is not the worse thing that can happen to a team. If we lose, we have a better chance of winning it all.” – Pat Summitt

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  1. Enix says:

    I just found your page a few weeks ago and as a girl who adores baseball and The Yankees, I'm thrilled!! Even more so that Tanaka won it last night!