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Yankees: Tanaka – Tanaka – Tanaka

Is anyone else sick of hearing rumors about where Masahiro Tanaka is going to land?

日本語: 駒大苫小牧高校野球部 田中将大(甲子園球場 対東洋大姫路戦)

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The New York Yankees know that they need to land this 25-year old Japanese phenom.

Yes, signing a pitcher who has never faced MLB hitters is risky. And the Yankees know this first hand after signing Kei Igawa back in 2007 to a five-year, $46 million contract. Igawa played in just 16-games at the Major League level before being exiled to the Yankees farm system where he stayed.

Igawa’s acquisition has haunted the Yankees, hence steering clear of signing international players like Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, Aroldis Chapman and Yasiel Puig, who all have panned out to be the real deal.

But the Igawa excuse is old, and Yankees fans are sick of watching these stars help competitors win. And Tanaka way more Darvish, than Igawa and the overall consensus is that this guy is the real deal.

Yes, Tanaka posted a 24-0 record in Japan last season; yes, he owns a split-finger fastball that has been called the best ever; and yes, he is as competitive as they come but that doesn’t mean he will shine in the Majors.

Regardless, Tanaka would be any team’s gain and the Yankees are in dire straits for some young talent to add to a roster that could pass for Old Timer’s Day.

Dissecting Tanaka’s Japanese stats to see if he will fair in the Majors is almost pointless, also it has been done over and over from every angle possible.

I wish there was a more efficient and quicker way for Japan and the US to do baseball business, as this way is awfully tedious. It has put a damper on all other free agent starting pitchers; as everything is on hold awaiting the Tanaka’s decision.

Teams have until January 24th to woo Tanaka, which feels like forever considering how much coverage this, has gotten already.

Hopefully, Tanaka gets the hint and makes a quick decision out of respect for his peers, his new team, the other bidders and baseball fans everywhere.

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  1. tom says:

    Yeo, the Yanks are so afraid of international talent, their #1 target is Tanaka.

    Show me one credible source that has the Yankees shying away from international talent because of Igawa. The same logic would apply to Irabu, yet they still signed Igawa years later. You seem to have this A+B=C mentality.

    • George says:

      I agree. LLP has NO FACTS other than it's her gut. We signed no FA international players in 2009 because we signed CC, Tex, and AJ. Has nothing to do with Igawa. If so your right, we would not be making a play for Tanaka. In her mind we need to sign everyone, and if we don't something must be wrong.

      Very naive.

      • George – The Yanks were a little more cautious after the Irabu and Igawa blunders, and many people agree with me. I was frightened as a fan for them to go after Darvish.

        Darvish has only pitched in the Majors for two seasons so what does 2009 have to do with anything? Darvish was signed prior to 2012 season so that would be three years later.

        I do not think having an opinion that you happen to disagree with makes me naive.

    • Tom – Irabu pitched for the Yankees in 1997 – 1999 and Igawa was signed in 2007 so a lot of time passed in between the two coming to the States. The general conscious is the Igawa signing impacted the Yankees staying completely of Darvish. I respect that you disagree with this but remember the Boss was around still with the first two and he was not in 2012 when Darvish got posted. So is seems like your mentality is more cookie cutter than mine.

  2. Jordan S. says:

    Well, it's official. We have Tanaka on the team now so. That makes me happy.

  3. jas9360 says:

    Fast forward, May 10th, 2014; Tanaka is doing pretty okay….so, what's up with the negativity from the author of this article?