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Yankees: Are you suspending Alex Rodriguez or not?

Let me get right to the point. 

A-Rod Scores!

A-Rod Scores! (Photo credit: searching4jphotography)

Is anyone else so sick of ESPN’s reporting on the MLB’s Biogenesis investigation?

I get that with the NFL, NBA and even the NHL all off maintaining viewership becomes much tougher.

Baseball is not everybody’s cup of tea and with the recent development of the MLB Network; die-hard baseball fans have their own channel so ESPN has to ensue drama.

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and his supposed link to the Biogenesis clinic is the ideal story to get channel surfers to pause because even his haters stop to listen.

And who has more haters than the Yankees and A-Rod?

Not many and as the saying goes, press is press.

The irritating part here is that ESPN, specifically Outside the Lines reporter TJ Quinn, continue to make very serious statements about players receiving lifetime bans from MLB without providing any proof.

You can bet MLB is leaking information because there best shot is winning in the court of public opinion but time is running out.

This “investigation” has been going on for over a year other than ESPN pointing fingers.

MLB has resorted to paying the Biogenesis owner Tony Bosch money, along with getting him out of ay present and future trouble he is in with the US Government and State of Florida Health Department for his testimony.

ESPN keeps insinuating that the case MLB has is so strong, well we are all waiting here.

MLB is trying to talk to the accused players while fully knowing that they do not legally have to answer any questions.

Seems like MLB is just wasting/buying more time here.

Truth is if MLB had the evidence to nail players, why haven’t they done it yet?

Why interview or meet with any players if legally they do not have to answer any questions?

The time used could be used to better the sport of baseball for the future but that is where the lie comes in.

MLB doesn’t have enough evidence because if they did this would be open and closed case.

If they did why would not bother conducting interviews knowing that players do not have to answer questions

The All-Star Game is just another excuse to delay things and honestly, MLB is cheating us fans by continuing this investigation any longer.

If MLB’s investigation was really leading to mega suspensions why was it not even mentioned on ESPN’s Outside the Lines this morning?

Enough is enough.

Their comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear.”

David Mahoney

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  1. Not a grammar nazi says:

    "Ensue drama" ??

    "This “investigation” has been going on for over a year other than ESPN pointing fingers" ??

    "MLB is cheating us fans by continuing this investigation any longer." ??

    I hope Mr Mahoney works cheaply!

    • lakawak says:

      How did you miss the biggest one? The one right in the title. "are you suspending Alex Rodriguez…or DO NOT" How can a human being older than 12 read that and say to himself "Yup…this is ready to be published!"

      Oh..I know…and internet blogger. They are not actually writers. You have t actually earn a living with your writing to be clled a writer.

    • Richard says:

      I think she meant Pursue Drama.

  2. lakawak says:

    What a joke. Alleged? Anyone who still wonders if there was a link is so blinded by pathetic Yankee fandom that it is just sad. If you are older than 12 and still so blindly defend any sports figured based on what team he is on, then seriously…kill yourself. Kill yourself with a shovel to the back of your own head. It is for your own good.

  3. lakawak says:

    And why is it taking so long? Simple…because, little boy, we live in the real world where things take time. They don't get wrapped up neatly before the final commercial break of a 60 minute police drama TV show. Baseball knows that he corrupt player's union doesn't really care about its members (most of which were hurt by these cheaters) so they will appeal. The more thorough the investigation, the better chance that that appeal will fail.

    Can anyone imagine a teacher's union defending a fellow teacher who was caught stealing a dissertation from another teacher? Because that is effectively what these cheaters did. Every clean player that had lower stats and got a lesser contract due to these cheaters lost money. Every team that didn't make the playoffs because they lost games due to teams stocked with cheaters lost millions of dollars. But the player's union doesn't care about them.

  4. Do people still watch ESPN?