Why the Yankees were supposed to lose to Twins Why the Yankees were supposed to lose to Twins Why the Yankees were supposed to lose to Twins

Why the Yankees were supposed to lose to Twins

Carl Pavano

Carl Pavano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I was throwing out papers today, I came across the reasons the Yankees were doomed to lose the first game of their series against the Twins.

The notes were a mess; as I had written them late on Sunday night but my reasoning actually turned out to be pretty accurate so I thought why not pass it along. So, here it is just a day and a dollar short….

After wrapping up a tough series against the Los Angeles Angels last Sunday night, the New York Yankees knew the Minnesota Twins were in town for four games.

The Yankees have literally manhandled the Twins posting a 23-4 record since 2009 including sweeping Minnesota in the 2009 and 2010 ALDS.

Still, that was when the Twins were still a contending playoff team, but that has not been the case since last season so winning all four games this week would seem like a no-brainer, right?

Well, not exactly because Monday night the Yankees had all the odds you don’t want stacked against them, almost guaranteeing they would lose.

 What the heck am I talking about?

Here is what I took into account before the first pitch was thrown on Monday night.

1)   Minnesota was already in NYC before the Yankees Sunday night against the Angels had even started.

2)   I find that when a new opponent comes to town after just being swept, the players tend to step it up a bit as they have a chip on their shoulders. The Twins flew in after just being swept in Arlington by the Rangers, add that to their history of losing to the Yankees and you have a team with a lot of incentives to win.

3)   The Yankees have a bad history when playing back-to-back ESPN games, as when they win on Sunday, they tend to lose on Monday.

4)   Also, I did not like the pitching match-up of Twins Carl Pavano and Yankees Freddy Garcia. Pavano has a decent track record vs. the Yankees; and in his first start Garcia couldn’t get out of the fourth inning vs. the Orioles. He gave up four runs; three walks and managed just three strikeouts. So, I have yet to find that loving feeling for Freddy.

The Yankees are now tied with the Twins at one game a piece, so tonight’s game is a must win because Hughes is on the mound tomorrow. The Yankees bats will have to score around eight runs, or else Hughes is toast.


  1. evan says:

    possibly the dumbest article i've ever read