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Yankees: A suggestions box

The New York Yankees are in trouble, like the real kind.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison) 

I realize that fans have lived under the illusion that this is the Yankees and they will figure out a way to make the postseason.

One fan said to me, “No October baseball in the Bronx that is like cheating baseball and sports in general. You don’t know anything.”

Well, just as I recently learned in my personal life when you have a gut feeling that something just doesn’t feel right, take it into account.

My 2013 preseason prediction for the Yankees would come in third in the AL East, and win around 85 games, which means no postseason baseball in the Big Apple.

And I got ripped apart for my ignorance; and trust me I questioned my logic when the team got off to such a hot start.

But I stuck to my guns, but did not give the makeshift team credit for getting off on the right foot.

 The starting pitching and bullpen has saved this team. So now that the starters, minus Hiroki Kuroda and a revitalized post All-Star break Ivan Nova, are struggling big time the Bronx Bombers have yet to win a series in the second half.

This team looks dead on the field,and something needs to happen now.


Time to call a team meeting?

The Yankees could benefit from a closed-door meeting to get everything out into the open.

Looking in the mirror and finding personal flaws is great but that is just a starting point to turn things around as a team.

  • Admitting that the team is currently losing.
  • Forming a plan or trying a new approach with suggestions given by everyone.
  • Discuss the struggles of stars like Robinson Cano, Vernon Wells, CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes openly.
  • Talk about the Alex Rodriguez circus, as he is there for the rest of the season. And to overcome adversity the team has to work as a unit, so hash it out.
  • Are the right players in the right spots?
  • Let players create a culture of accountability within the team, and not just in the newspapers.

The bottom line even if the Yankees do not get swept tonight but the White Sox, who are an under .500 team, it is time for skipper Joe Girardi to ask for privacy. Girardi or Captain Derek Jeter needs to shut the visitors locker room doors at Comerica Park for as long as necessary.

Will this get the Yankees into the playoffs?

No, but this Yankees team doesn’t need to fold in the beginning of August like a bunch of brats who don’t know how to win.

The Yankees did win for the first two months of this season, as the team seemed ego-less. If the players can back to that mentality, this team can start winning again. But that is easier said than done.

“The biggest challenge in turning an organization around is belief and persistence. It’s easy to try one thing, back off, go in another direction, fail, and then rationalize the consequences away. It can also be easy to stay mediocre, accept the status quo, and just limp through challenges. It’s much more difficult to believe in a positive future and then go after it.” – from the book: Team Turnarounds: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams

Opinions please….what do you think needs to happen and what is the specific problem you see with the Yankees?



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  1. Richard says:

    1. Their OLD!!!
    2. Significant injuries to Key players

    Next year we loose Pettite ( good riddance), Kuroda ( our Ace this year). CC has to learn to pitch with reduced velocity. If Arod is suspended in 2014, we have some $ to upgrade, sign Cano and maybe Grandy.

    I have not been this depressed since the early 70's.

  2. Sal from Ct says:

    Time to change Kate Smith's "God Bless American" during the 7th inning stretch.

    I would recommend Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" , a good fan sing a long song.

    At the very least, alternate various renditions.