Yankees: Please you have to stop this now - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Please you have to stop this now - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Please you have to stop this now - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Please you have to stop this now

Stop it! 

Logos and uniforms of the New York Yankees

Logos and uniforms of the New York Yankees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please I am begging you to stop.

Oh and drop the act like you don’t know what I am talking about.

The New York Yankees have to stop losing, today.

Everybody knows that the Bronx Bombers are dealing with an unprecedented number of injuries to big players.

But that is no excuse, as Yankees ownership knows better.

Hal Steinbrenner could have spent some money in the off-season to make sure that this veteran team could handle some blows.

Maybe Hal wasn’t watching the Yankees last season because the proof was right in front of him.

Hal did tell Newsday back in March , “The injuries from running and playing 162 games are hard enough; you don’t need the dumb-luck ones on top of that. Every team has them, but it helps to minimize them.”

He is correct, so why didn’t he prepare for his like last year to soften the blow?

Having players like Eric Chavez and Russell Martin would come in handy right now, but fact is they are other teams now and I have to let them go.

Admittedly, I am struggling to stay positive. But listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver chit-chatting, during yesterday’s 4-8 loss to the Tigers, about how Martin would have come back to the Bronx on a one-year deal doesn’t help my cause.

Overall, I am just disappointed.

I hate knowing the Yankees inherited owner was keeping his fingers crossed to save a buck instead of acquiring some bench depth.

Bottom line is the Yankees cannot keep losing at this rate.

The AL East is not theirs to lose anymore, as the division is a five-team race.

Postseason spots came down to the wire the last two seasons, and at this rate the Yankees will be out of contention before the All-Star break.

And if nothing short of a miracle can get the Yankees into October then there is no need to rush back the wounded for nothing.

Things are getting really bad that something has to give, or else.

Even the delusional, Yankees can-do-no-wrong fans that believe this team is a playoff contender are being forced into reality.

The only person who doesn’t seem discouraged yet is Hal Steinbrenner, and ironically until he does this team is headed to no-mans-land and fast.

In order for the Yankees to stop losing today, they have to beat Tigers ace Justin Verlander. So I am taking a hope for the best, but defiantly expect the worst attitude.

This last week has seemed like a bad dream, and a long one that I want to wake up from now.

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  1. Richard says:

    That pretty much sums it up. I'll just pile on and say that the much ballyhooed middle relief ( Phelps/ Joba, LOGAN , LOGAN….. all SUCK).

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