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Yankees: Stop faking us out

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium (Photo credit: Kwong Yee Cheng)

If you headed into the All-Star Break wondering how you stomached watching 92 games of your favorite MLB team underperform, but couldn’t stop starring in disbelief at their 47-47 record playing in a dreadfully weak division…odds are you might be a New York Yankees fan, like myself.

True, the Yankees have suffered tremendous injuries, losing 80% of their Opening Day starting rotation.

But please tell me how pitching injuries would give comfort when the Yankees so obviously suffered from an anemic offense that at times looked like they couldn’t have scored runs if they were hitting a tennis ball?

The answer is you can’t that is unless you frequent with ‘the Yankees can do no wrong’ types and then nobody cares what you think anyway because you are crazy.

Admittedly, I am the first fan to throw the Yankees under the bus in tough times, but this season is different because this 2014 team doesn’t have the same stink like they did last year.

And during the All-Star Break last week, I couldn’t shake the idea that even amid all the wounded this season’s Yankees can play a lot better baseball; and I mean the kind that competes in October.

So, this past weekend when the Yankees swept the Cincinnati Reds in a three game set at home, where they had an 18-27 record heading into the series, my excitement couldn’t be contained.

Three games, three wins vs. a good Reds team is all it took for me to almost erase all negative feelings stewing from first half of the season.

The Yankees were not wasting pitching, as they were scoring runs, finally. To be exact, the Yankees had scored 14 runs in total for their first three games post All-Star Break; it marked their third sweep of the 2014 season.

Things were looking to get better as the 39-59 Texas Rangers, who landed in the Bronx for a four game set yesterday and the Yankees could make some more ground on the three games separating them from the AL East leading Orioles.

But then the pre-All-Star Yankees showed up last night, and lost 4-2 to a team that had only won four of their last 28 games.

Forget that the Yankees committed five errors; the offense made Rangers starter Mike Mikolas look like an ace when he entered the game with a 10.05 ERA and batters were hitting .375 against him.

It felt like first-half déjà vu all over again… the bases loaded in the fourth, one out and the Captain Derek Jeter hitting into an inning ending double play. And then skipper Joe Girardi using Matt Thorton in relief, again. And Thorton let’s the inherited runners score, again.

The Yankees need to take 3 out of 4 from Texas to make headway in the division, or they could be in trouble. With only 64 games left in the regular season, it is time for the Yankees to kick this thing into high gear.

The Rays and Red Sox are now both on five-game winning streaks, so things could go south fast if the Yankees don’t start playing with some consistency.

Glad I waited 24 hours before I deemed the 2014 Yankees postseason bound because the Yankees almost faked me out again.

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