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Yankees: Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew, Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew, Adam Jones

Stephen Drew, Adam Jones (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The time has come for the New York Yankees to pick-up the phone, and call agent Scott Boras about Stephen Drew.

After a weekend that ended with Carlos Beltran playing first base, and almost put Dean Anna behind the dish, there is no room left for denial that the Yankees need infield help now.

The Yankees dodged a bullet this weekend against the Red Sox, but this infield is way too nicked up to put the 2014 season at risk after spending like nobody’s business during the off-season.

After 13 games the infield injuries to Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Brendan Ryan, Brian Roberts, Francisco Cervelli and Brian McCann, who is heading to the doctor today gives GM Brian Cashman plenty of reasons to talk to Hal Steinbrenner about getting Drew.

Yes, it is unfortunate for Hal’s wallet that Drew is a Boras client but after blowing past the $189 million dollar mark there is zero reasons to stop now.

My advice is the Yankees should look at this as a blessing.

As the wheels could have fallen off in late June, or in the middle of August when getting help would not have been right in their face, like Drew is now.

Drew solves the issues at second base and shortstop, two positions that the Yankees have good reason to worry about with 149 games left to play.

The Yankees should offer Drew $22 million over 2-years because Boras will stick it to them somehow, and better with money than time in my opining.

Now the only question is what are the Yankees waiting for?   

With the number of injuries around the baseball already,  the Yankees better go get to Drew and fast.

Or else the Yankees look destined for their couches again come October.

And please, spare me with any Scott Sizemore notions as he is just another injury waiting to happen.

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  1. Joe says:

    I think a trade is a more likely event. But who knows? Why would anyone ( besides you) want to shell out Drew money when these injuries are 2-3 week injuries?

    Drew has not had a Spring Training has he? Do you think he is game-effective Ready????

    • LLP says:

      Joe I agree with you about Drew not having ST…but Roberts is not stable enough to count on and neither is Jeter or Tex.

      These guys will not stay healthy all season long if they cannot go 13-games….father time will creep up on Jeter again.

  2. Pete says:

    If we don't get Drew we won't make the playoffs? Really?

    News Flash!!!!! McCann already saw the doctor. He's heading for an X-ray!!!!!!

    Sometimes you try to write to fast.

  3. Pete says:

    McCann x-ray Neg
    Ryan and Roberst have been non-factors
    Tex back in 6 days
    Jeter back Tues
    Cervelli also a non factor ( out 4-6 weeks)

    The sky is not falling LLP. If our SP and bullpen stay strong we are in it no matter what. The Rays are out 3 SP's – i'd worry about them.

    Please feel free to write something positive about the yanks before the season ends. you might feel better.

    • LLP says:

      And you think all there guys will be healthy the rest of the way?

      And what happens when Jeter and Tex get hurt again?

      And don't believe everything the Yankees say, as remember Jeter went on the DL for the same injury last year….

      • Richard says:

        Do you always assume the worst? Read your last 20 posts and tell me what % was positive. Good luck.

    • LLP says:

      Ok but Pete you feel confident that this current Yankees infield is good to go for another 149 games and through the entire post season?

      Getting into the postseason is not the goal….and doing it off other team's injuries is not ideal either. And haven't you learned to NEVER count out the Rays by now???

      • Pete says:

        What team does go thru the entire season without injuries? I don't know but is Drew really the answer? I'll go for a few more Solarte's for sure.

        The Rays always seem to find a way. But they Really can't afford to loose any position players. The Yanks are employing the Maddon shift. I'll give you that.

      • Richard says:

        What is wrong with you. Of course getting into the Postseason is the goal. There are many goals. ya can't win a WS without the postseason can you?

  4. Richard says:

    Sizemore is hitting .344/.436/.500. Who would you bring up ( spare me with Drew dribble).? Play Sizemore under he gets injured.
    I just can't figure your logic.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – The point is the Yankees have an option to get Drew right now and might not have that deeper into the season. And the little bit of minor league talent in the minors, I would rather them keep then have to trade away. What happened this past Sunday night, with Beltran at 1st and possibly Anna having to play catcher is something any team wants to avoid. Wait until the Yankees face tougher teams, as Red Sox are not playing good baseball right now.

  5. Richard says:

    Did you look at Drew's injury history? Stephen Drew was limited to 86 games in 2011 and 79 games last season because of a fractured right ankle he suffered while sliding into home

    Read more at: http://nesn.com/2013/04/stephen-drew-criticism-un

    So you want a SS with a fractured right ankle?????????