Yankees: Stealing the AL East literally Yankees: Stealing the AL East literally Yankees: Stealing the AL East literally

Yankees: Stealing the AL East literally

In case you didn’t realize the New York Yankees are stealing the AL East, and I mean literally.

No one could have predicted that the over-the-hill, Evil Empire would have the third most steals in baseball in the month of September, but fact is they do.

The Yankees have 24 steals while being caught just once. Statistically that is the second most in the AL behind the Royals who have 26 on the season but KC has been busted 5 times. But theoretically the Yankees are posting a 96% stolen-base percentage, so they are the most successful at it.

In addition to the boost of Yankees stealing bags, they also lead baseball in walks this month with 93 in total.

This means the hitters are seeing the ball better, as plate patience is one of the Yankees biggest strengths that had plummeted post All-Star Break until the last three-weeks.

If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself below (all stats courtesy of MLB.com):

2012 NYY - Monthly Spilts - SB- BB - CS

So, taking these two stats as the literal reasons the Yankees are playing .636 baseball this month would be ridiculous but they mean something that is for sure.

The other month that the Yankees stolen-base % and walks were the highest was in June, and they posted a 20-7 record, which was their best month all season.

Still, as four-time All-Star and ex-Yankee infielder Toby Harrah famously once said:

“They both (statistics & bikinis) show a lot, but not everything.”

Here is a chart I made from the stats table above, as I am trying to perfect Google Docs so please don’t laugh.

All stats courtesy of mlb.com and baseball-reference.com.

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  1. Dave says:

    Mulitply the SB$ by a 100. It will look better