Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees are starting the season with a risky infield

As of today, the New York Yankees starting infield on Opening Day will showcase Mark Teixeira (1B), Brian Roberts (2B),

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derek Jeter (SS) and Kelly Johnson (3B).

This fragile foursome played a total of 227 last season combined. Johnson is accountable for 117 of those games, while Jeter, Tex and Roberts missed time due to injuries.

All you have to do is check out the latest sportsbook odds for MLB to see where the Bronx Bombers currently rank, and it is not at the top of the AL East even after signing Masahiro Tanaka. My guess is this is due to the shaky infield.

Truthfully, no one in their right mind could predict the Yankees as the division favorites with such a dubious infield being compared to the Word Series Champion Red Sox.

You might disagree with me, but at least read my notes explaining why this is hodge-podge infield.

  • Tex is coming back with a surgically repaired wrist, an injury that sidelined him last season. MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch just reported that Tex “doesn’t plan on being in the Yankees’ first exhibition games of the year.” Yikes!
  • Roberts is the definition of injury prone, and the 36-year-old hasn’t played more than 77 games in a single season since 2009. If, or excuse me when, Roberts gets injured, who will take over the starting second base job? Red flags are a flying.
  • The beloved 40-year old Yankees Captain will be the starting shortstop, period. But can anyone say baby steps? Yankees need to go slow here and just hope Jeter’s surgically repaired ankle can make it through Spring Training before anyone deems him back. Fingers crossed!
  • A hot corner featuring a player who has made 12 starts at third in his eight-year career, and that is Kelly Johnson. According to NY Post’s Joel Sherman, Johnson was originally signed, “to play all over as a utility man, but he also represents an option at second base.” Enough said. I might sound like a delusional Yankees fan but Johnson’s lefty bat potentially smacks in 25 homers and 80+ RBIs in Bronx bandbox. To his credit Johnson is the only non-injured, sub 33-year old within this foursome so that would make him the most stable. Wow!

Bottom line is it is too late to fix this infield but does give just cause for the Yankees to sign lingering free agent Stephen Drew.

Are you as concerned about this Fragile Foursome?


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  1. Thomas Catanzarita says:

    I think the Yankees absolutely should try to sign Drew. He is another player who is capable of playing multiple positions. They have already went over the luxury tax threshold so there isn’t a issue there. The only thing i see holding this up is that he reject his qualifying offer, and therefore tied to draft pick compensation.

  2. Richard says:

    As usual you always go for the cup half empty and usually on;y post those facts that benefit your position vs giving us THE REST OF THE STORY!!!!

    1. TEX says his wrist is fine and that a little stiffness is expected. moreover, in the video interview he said it was no big deal for him to wait until mid March. Hell, he's going to bat .100 in April anyway!!!!

    2. Roberts played 77 games last season. He's in great shape and I bet he gives us more than 100.

    3. Jeter – I'm optimistic

    4. Kelly/Nunez – No big deal!!!!

    • roger says:

      "Turn out the lights. The party's over…"

    • Richard – I am being realistic about the situation.

      1 – You say Tex is fine.. So why is he going to miss the first few weeks of Spring Training? And he said he wished his wrist did not feel stiff still, not that it was fine.

      2 – Roberts hasn't played more than 77 games since 2008 because he is always injured. That is why the O's let him walk. I am glad he is in great shape, but he is going to be 37 years old and it is a tad late to be reviving your career…go read the variety of injuries Roberts has had and you might understand where I am coming from.

      3 – Jeter…I concur.

      4 – Kelly/Nunez…. not ideal but manageable.

      So what happens if one of the four get injured? Let's say Roberts gets hurt….Johnson will have to play second and Nunez everyday at third. Or what if Tex goes down? Johnson has to move to first, so again Nunez moves to third.

      And what if both Tex and Roberts both go down?

      The Yankees tried this last season and went belly up so you would think signing legit back-ups would be a priority. Why did they not get Chavez? And why are they not interested in Drew?

      • Richard says:

        1. Starters don't play much the first few weeks of ST. Tex is fine.

        2. Roberts played well the ENTIRE second half of last year. He is as healthy as he is going to be.

        3. Injuries are part of the game. You and Chavy need to get a room :)

        4. Yanks are not done . And although Boras would love to keep sticking it to the Yanks, not sure Drew will be in pinstripes.

        5. We are not done yet.

      • Richard says:

        Per TEX a la WSJ" Teixeira’s doctors informed him his wrist will feel tight, but it should get better with every therapy session he has and every swing he takes. But Teixeira promised the injury wasn’t going to affect his performance and his rehabilitation process is manageable, even if his wrist isn’t feeling 100%"

        I bet he hits more to left center. You wanna bet?

  3. cyril morley says:

    Young player are waiting there turn in farm system for 2014/2015. Short Stop are Abiatal Avelino, Cito Culver, Tyler Wade and Yancarlos Baez.. Second Base are Angelo Gumbs, Bob Refsnyder, Anderson Feliz and Gosuke Katoh. Third Base are Miguel Andujar, Matt Duran and Eric Jagielo. The yank don,t need Stephan Drew. The yank can take a look at Ronnier Mustelier and Adonis Garcia in there farm

    • Cyril – No offense, but you must be dreaming!! These prospects are far from Major League ready….as the only Yankees prospect that landed on Baseball Prospectus top 101 is Gary Sanchez and he dropped from 47 to 85.

      I admire your spirit, but the Yankees need Drew for backup in the infield.