Why Yankees Soriano got stiffed Why Yankees Soriano got stiffed Why Yankees Soriano got stiffed

Why Yankees Soriano got stiffed

Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 2012 AL All-Star team was announced this past Sunday; and four New York Yankees were selected, so CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and CC Sabathia.

MLB fans voted on the starting position players for each team. But each league’s respective All-Star manager chooses the pitchers and reserve position players. The two managers who get the honor are always the earlier season’s World Series team’s skippers.

So for the second year in row, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington had the honor; and once again Washington snubbed a few players that were tangible All-Stars.

So, did any New York Yankees get a Texas high hard one?

What do you think?

See, when Mariano Rivera went down, a part of every Yankee fan went with him.

No one wanted the 2012 season to go on because life without Mo was not supposed to happen yet; and certainly not like that.

Getting injured while shagging fly balls was something Mo did everyday, and he is too extraordinary a person to go out in such an ordinary way.

I mean the ninth inning has been a mainstay for the Yankees for 17 seasons; and not hearing Metallica’s Enter Sandman over the speakers in the Bronx was about the most depressing thing to try to imagine.

No doubt, someone had to step in, step up and fill the greatest closer to ever play the game of baseball’s role/shoes, whatever.

And Rafael Soriano did not only do just that, he has done it phenomenally.

In the face of adversity, Soriano literally rescued the New York and the Yankees and didn’t change who he was on the mound in doing it.

Soriano was the AL All-Star team’s closer back in 2010, so when he signed with New York he took a permanent demotion, which is tough even with a higher paycheck.

And you know who made the Yankees signed Soriano?

Mariano, yes that is right Mo wanted him in the Bronx; I mean isn’t that totally ironic. Maybe not because it is Mo don’t ya know.

I think you get my overall point here, right?

Now I will end my All-Star declaration by quoting another person’s words because it describes what Soriano has done for the Yankees in 2012 perfectly:

 “He’s been the glue. It starts with him.”  – Ron Washington; Texas Rangers; talking about Yu Darvish.

So, in my most humble opinion, Yankees closer Rafael Soriano got totally stiffed because he has been the ultimate All-Star this season.

Currently, Washington gave the bid to his own closer Joe Namath; here are his stats vs. Soriano:

2012 NATHAN vs. 2012 SORIANO
stats courtesy of baseball–reference.com


My 2012 AL All-Star Snubs.

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