Yankees skipper Joe Girardi cannot let Ivan Nova start and other to dos Yankees skipper Joe Girardi cannot let Ivan Nova start and other to dos Yankees skipper Joe Girardi cannot let Ivan Nova start and other to dos

Yankees skipper Joe Girardi cannot let Ivan Nova start and other to dos

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

With his New York Yankees now officially in the postseason, skipper Joe Girardi needs to do everything possible to win the next three games.

The Yankees do not want to be one of the two AL Wild Cards, as that could entail possibly flying out to Oakland for a one, do or die game that could either end their postseason; or have them on the next plane back to the Bronx to face either the White Sox or the Detroit Tigers.

Even if the Athletics wound up having to come to the Bronx for the Wild Card match-up, and the Yankees did win, facing either of the rested AL Central teams, which as of today would mean Justin Verlander is not ideal.

So, this leaves Girardi with some decisions to make sure the Yankees win this divisional fight against the Baltimore Orioles, who share the same 92-67 record with New York.

So, here is what I hope Joe Girardi might have in his binder for the last three regular season games vs. the Red Sox, who the Yankees have hit 34 homers against in the 15-games they have played against them this season.

Here is my short-list (or wishes):

1) Keep any bat out of Andruw Jones hands even as a pinch hitter, actually especially in a sub-situation. Thank good, according to ESPN, Mark Teixeira is back in line-up to help ease any temptations.

2) Have Chris Dickerson start a game. Dickerson brings speed on the bases; he has had some clutch hits and plays a great outfield.

3) Let CC Sabathia go deep into game. Don’t pull Sabathia before the eighth inning if possible to rest bullpen if the rumor that Ivan Nova is actually going to start tomorrow night is true. According to Newsday, Girardi has him penciled in for now.

4) Do everything possible not to have Ivan Nova start tomorrow night. The likelihood of Nova struggling is highly probable, so if the Yankees lose that game, it is on Girardi. If the Yankees loss the division because of Nova, it is on Girardi. Much rather have David Phelps, or even Freddy Garcia throw four innings than watch Nova implode again.

There are a ton of more dos and don’ts, like a free pass to steal bases and bunt at free will because it does make a difference, as we saw in the Yankees comeback win vs. the Blue Jays yesterday.

Otherwise, congratulations are in order to the Yankees for making their 17th postseason in 18 years.

Wild Card or AL East Champ might be the priority but the fact that the Yankees get to this point all the time is a huge accomplishment and as a fan I am very proud.

Now it is time to go win #28 but first let’s go get some birds.

“When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first.” – Earnest Hemingway

And in case you want to go to one of the last three games of the 2012 season, check out how to the lowest prices for the best seats at TiqIQ. Just check out their ticket price previews for this upcoming and final home series at Yankee Stadium:

Yankees vs. Red Sox – Yankee Stadium

Considering the importance of the series, and the fact that it’s the Red Sox in town, prices for this one are surprisingly low. In fact it’s the cheapest of all three Yankees-Red Sox series in the Bronx this season: 16% less expensive than the series in August, and 41% less expensive than their series in July.

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  1. Heather says:

    Nova shouldn't have been allowed to pitch the last time his spot came up in the rotation. With Pettitte back, it should have been Phelps start last time. I don't know what Joe's fascination is with dragging guys out there who don't deserve the start (see Sergio Mirte). They have Lowe and Freddie in the bullpen, so it's not like they don't have other pitchers who can come in for long relief.