Yankees signing Brian Roberts was not on my Christmas list - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees signing Brian Roberts was not on my Christmas list - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees signing Brian Roberts was not on my Christmas list - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees signing Brian Roberts was not on my Christmas list

It is déjà vu all over again, as the New York Yankees have reverted back to dumpster diving in hopes that one of these cast-offs will resurge in the pinstripes.

The latest bargain is 36-year old, second baseman Brian Roberts who inked a one-year, $2 million deal with incentives to play in the Bronx.

Roberts was on track to be an Oriole-lifer, as he had spent all of his 13-years in Baltimore until now.

No doubt Roberts was one of the best second baseman in the game thorough the 2009 season, but that guy is long, long gone.

Over the last four seasons Roberts only appeared in 192 games, which averages about 48 per season, due to suffering from an incessant number of injuries.

The Baltimore Sun summed up Roberts’s troubles as, “being sidelined by multiple concussions, back and hip injuries and a hamstring injury he suffered in the third game of this past season that required surgery as well.”

I mean this guy makes Eric Chavez look like the poster boy for healthy.

Roberts is the 2014 version of Travis Hafner, and I expect the Kevin Youkilis and Nick Johnson sorts are on the way too.

English: , American baseball player for the Ba...

English: , American baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have the Yankees not learned anything from last season, or does Hal Steinbrenner really this cheap and careless?

Signing high-risk players like Roberts is not a bad move, as long as it is not viewed as an actual solution.

Counting on washed-up, injury riddled veterans to be anything more than off the bench guys, like Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez were in 2011, is pure stupidity.

The Yankees missed the playoffs last season due to this, so playing in October must not rank very high on their priority list.

Mistakes, obviously, show people what needs improving.

And without mistakes, how would anyone know what doesn’t work?

I thought last season was the mistake that the Yankees would not make again.

But to capitalize on it makes me feel betrayed.


Another day when the Yankees pick up Red Sox’s rejects, but considering the messy state of the bullpen it is better than no lefty. Still, adding another 37-year old to this roster of senior citizens is getting awfully disturbing.



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  1. George says:

    You're right. You should leave this team and not look back. You have to be the most negative blogger in Yankee universe.

  2. George says:

    News Flash!!!!!!!!!!

    The 2014 Yankee lineup:

    1. Ellsbury CF
    2. Jeter – 2B
    3. Beltran RF
    4. A-rod/Johnson ???? 3B
    5. Tex – 1B
    6. Mc Cann – C
    7. Soriano – DH
    8. Roberts – 2B
    9 Gardner – CF

    And this lineup reminds you of 2013?? We failed to make the playoffs because have the team got hit by pitches and CC/Kuroda lost there mojo. We are still SP deficient but a strategy of bludgeoning our opponents is a strategy.

    Plus there are reports that Choo turned us down so until you know the facts, at least give the Yanks some credit. They have done a lot more than last year which was pathetic.

    • Tony says:

      Why not

      Switch Jeter and beltran? Beltran has crazy good numbers batting 2nd vs 3rd. All in all I like it and can't wait.

  3. Jasper says:

    Hmm, very interesting. Also, I wonder what Choo is going to get and more importantly, if another team would be willing to go as high as the Yankees did.