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Yankees: Did the shoe just drop?

Francisco Cervelli

Francisco Cervelli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13 games.

That is the number of games the 2014 New York Yankees have played.

149 games.

That is the number of games the Yankees have left to play.

This past weekend the Yankees took three of four from the Boston Red Sox, which leaves them sitting with a 7-6 record, and top of the AL East with the Rays.

The calendar might prove it is too early into the 2014 season to be concerned, but speaking as a Yankees fan it doesn’t feel like it.

Is 13 games even enough time for the shoe to start to dropping?

Well, the injuries have started mounting in the infield, which is not ideal and makes it harder to stay optimistic. Trust me I am trying, but I am in the minority.

Who is currently injured, not necessarily on the DL but unavailable to play?

PLAYER/DUE BACK (courtesy of MLB.com)

So, how are Yankees fans feeling about the team now?

According to an earth-shattering number of tweets… not too well.

But what else would you expect from Yankees Universe, especially after last season.

This was already an angry fan base with high expectations that is now sensitive too, to put it nicely.



  1. RICHARD says:

    Im sure Boston (Pedroia, Middlebrooks) is not happy either. Part of the game.

    And our bullpen is doing just swell, thank you. But you keep on worrying.

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks for the injury update. I bet Boston ( Pedroia. Middlebrooks) Rays (Cobb, Moore) had our issues.

    But you keep worrying. I'll stay positive for all of us.

    Our bullpen is like 4th or 5th in the AL in WHIP, RS etc. Thought you wanted to know.

    • LLP says:

      Thanks Pete….but even though having a solid bullpen is a necessity to win, it is only part of the puzzle and cannot stand on its own if the rest of the team is in trouble.

      MLB Network just reported that McCann is going for an x-ray today, and that is not good at all.

      I get that you want to stay positive but also be realistic so you are not so let down when the wheels fall off.

      • Pete says:

        Wait a minute. Previously you wrote that we had an cheap ineffective bullpen, now your writing we have a solid bullpen?? Precautionary X-rays are SOP.

        I cannot go thru life thinking the wheels fall off because we have a few setbacks. It's a long season, you need to woman-up.

  3. bobm says:

    sign both the boras boys for one year … plug the gaps tex is done , jeets old, Roberts brittle, cervi a back up nice idea that did not work

  4. lola says:

    Yout Lady Loves Pinstripes monicker should change to Lady Loves to Bitch about Pinstripes. Occasionally look at the stats before you start downgrading this team.

    • Tom says:

      She is just not a positive person with regard to this team. She wants a 26 y/o, 16M never been injured player at every position and back up position. I want that to then reality kicks in. The difference is that for 50 years I root for this team thick or thin. I get mad when they loose but I never waitver in my support. All she wants to do is complain and rarely uses good judgement.

      • LLP says:

        Tom – I appreciate your glass-half-full perspective but I have been right about a lot of things regarding the Yankees too.

        Being a sports fan doesn't make me delusional…..

    • LLP says:

      Thank you for your insight Lola….and if you read my blog over the years, you would know all I do it look at stats. I am not the only person that is concerned…especially after last season. The Yankees are starting more old and injured players that I am comfortable with….that doesn't mean there cannot be success, but it is very risky when a team is banking on everything going right. Especially because the baseball season is so long.

      • lola says:

        There is always concern, I agree. But even with the good start this year you still can't find anything positive to write about. It's quite sad.

    • LLP says:

      Lola – I am just being realistic and after the Rays series…..I think you would have to see where I am coming from just a little. But each to his own. I know I expect the ball to drop too much but after 2013, I am scared to have total trust and faith. Still cheer for the Yanks!!!!