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Yankees: Secret stopper Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an MLB team’s roster features Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte and Robinson Cano getting overlooked is not uncommon.

The New York Yankees roster, or current DL is littered with stars that have all rightfully earned their popularity over the years.

But if I had to name the Yankees most valuable player this season, Hiroki Kuroda would be on the top of the list.

Gazing at his numbers (stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com), Kuroda has actually been the Yankees most dependable starter since he joined the team in 2012.

NYY (2 yrs.)2113.6183.134143270.12459994286420110941331.1438.

At 38-years old, Kuroda doesn’t seem to be fazed by New York and fits in the Yankees clubhouse with ease.

Last night vs. the Blue Jays, Kuroda’s eight-inning, scoreless outing stopped the Yankees from losing a third night in a row.

Kuroda kept the Blue Jays power bats to two hits and a walk. He struck out five Jays including heavy hitters Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion in the Yankees 5-0 win.

In fact, Kuroda has consistently pitched seven innings in his last four starts.

Skipper Joe Girardi has this to say about Kuroda in the postgame last night (ESPN New York):

“He’s been so good for us. Just the innings that he’s given us, the bullpen a lot of times gets the night off to where you can use them in the other games, the quality starts that he’s given us – he’s been outstanding. The way he left us last year, he’s just picked right up and continued to impress us.”

With Andy Pettitte joining the DL party down in Tampa for 15-days today, Kuroda’s dominate outing sent a message.

That in the midst of the absurd number of injuries, this Yankees team will not get distressed but rise up to the challenge.

They continue to mystify me nightly, as this group is redefining what playing with heart is all about.

Cheers to that.


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