Can the Yankees season be rescued? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Can the Yankees season be rescued? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Can the Yankees season be rescued? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Can the Yankees season be rescued?

The New York Yankees are starting to look like themselves again.

Derek Jeter at the New York Yankees vs. Colora...

Derek Jeter at the New York Yankees vs. Colorado Rockies game on June 19, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derek Jeter is back and hit the home run heard around the World on the first pitch thrown at him.

Alfonso Soriano is back in pinstripes again, and in his first 13 at-bats has four RBIs, a homer, seven total bases and has yet to strike out.

Having these two experienced guys back in this offensively anemic line-up is going to help big time.

Not that it could have gotten any worse except being subjected to watch how bad this team had become.

Other positive news is that Curtis Granderson should be rearing his head soon too.


Not yet, but there is very little breathing room for any mistakes.

Currently, the Yankees are 7.5 games behind the first place Boston Red Sox in the AL East, which lands them in fourth, place overall.

Reality is winning the division is going to be tough considering how competitive it is.

Now the AL Wild Card race looks much more realistic as the Bronx Bombers are only 2.5 games out of taking one of the two spots.


No, but this team is lucky to even be in striking distance considering how terrible things have gone lately.

Typically, the Yankees do not strive for Wild Card berths but as they say there are exceptions to every rule; and this season not missing the post season would be a miracle in itself.

Even with the returning and new additions to the everyday line-up, the Alex Rodriguez show is on its way back and to say it will be disruptive is being polite.

The press is obsessed with A-Rod everyday life, and this Biogenesis Investigation has been in the news for months. A-Rod being the poster child for PEDs hasn’t even stepped on a field since last October so you can bet it will be media frenzy.

The Yankees have no problem with crazy press but when it distracts from baseball, like A-Rod’s return will. Understandably, it must be impossible for his teammates not to resent him and that trickles into the locker room.

If A-Rod can come back and produce, Yankee fans should cut him some slack but if not, watch out when this man returns to the Bronx. It will be ugly and mean-spirited.


The Yankees are out West and start a two-day series vs. the Dodgers tonight, followed by a three game set in San Diego vs. the Padres.

And before coming home they stop in Chi-town to face the White Sox for three.

Winning six or seven games on this eight game road trip is what needs to happen.

The Yankees have to capitalize on the weaker Padres and White Sox, who are both, below .500 teams.

The Padres are 18-15 in one run games so the Yankees have to score more runs. Jeter and Soriano should help them do that.

The Dodgers and Puig will be their toughest match-up so a spilt here would be very acceptable.

Bottom line is it is time for the Yankees to make a move as the calendar is about to turn to August and if they want to contend they have to start playing like it.

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