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Yankees: My season preview struggles

2014 Yankees Boom or Bust

2014 Yankees Season – Boom or Bust?

For the first time since I started LadyLovesPinstripes.com back in 2009, I cannot get a feel for the how the New York Yankees will fair in the upcoming season.

I should be starting my 2014 team preview and prediction, but instead I am struggling somewhere between distrust and devotion.

The hopes of this team are riding heavily on Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia; all older players, all coming back from injuries.

And if the Yankees plan to be playing deep into October this season, they need all three to put up numbers closely to what they did in their primes.

The Yankees infield no longer has the added luxuries of Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez to fortify things if Jeter or Tex goes down. Brian Roberts and Kelly Johnson aren’t equipped to deal.

As for Sabathia, the Yankees pay him to be their ace, not Hiroki Kuroda, Masahiro Tanaka or Ivan Nova.

If you can name a World Series Championship team that lacked an ace it would ease my concern about Sabathia’s dependability. But you can’t, so stress I shall.

The bottom line here is the 2014 Yankees lack a gray area.

While there is recognizably a large downside, the upside is potentially huge too.

Is it naïve to believe that the veteran All-Stars will play like All-Stars, while deeming that all free agents signings will work out, and no major injuries will occur?

Who knows, but I can tell you that having no middle ground feels very overwhelming as a Yankees fan.

As no matter if it is excitement, or disappointment, it will be an overall emotional year.

That, and Jeter’s pending exit has put my usual unswerving opinion on the Yankees in a gray area; and it is driving me nuts.

So please tell me do you think the 2014 New York Yankees are a BOOM or BUST, as there is no in between?


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  1. Richard says:

    I am always a Yankee half full if not a full tank. This roster has plenty of potential and I like the starting pitching. Whoever performs the best is my ace. $ has nothing to do with performance once the game starts. The bullpen will be much better than most realize. Moreover, we will score some runs. All those 80-85 wins predictions? – can't wait to prove them wrong.