Yankees Vs. Royals: How Are Things In Kansas City? Yankees Vs. Royals: How Are Things In Kansas City? Yankees Vs. Royals: How Are Things In Kansas City?

Yankees Vs. Royals: How Are Things In Kansas City?

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The New York Yankees are back home to host the Kansas City Royals for three games.

Let’s take a look at what Kansas City has been up in 2011 before the series starts:

2011 Kansas City Royals:

The Royals have won six of their last 10 games and are currently in second place in the AL Central with an 18-16 record.

This is not the same Royals team as the past few seasons, that is as long as they are in Kansas City where their 15 home-wins leads the majors. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that they have won just three road games in 2011 and are coming into New York determined to improve on baseball’s worst road record.

The Royals could be two different teams with a 3.51 ERA at home compared to a 5.91 ERA on the road. Skipper Ned Yoast said his Royals had a bad road trip, but when the stats are so severely divided there has to be major concern unless the Royals can turn it around on the road quick.

‘It’s still so early in the season’ excuse has almost run its course for 2011; and for the Royals not winning outside of Kansas City just ain’t going to cut it much longer.

Two Thing Yankee Fans Should Look For:

1) What do the Royals have that Yankee fans miss….Got Melk? The Yankees old pal Melky Cabrera who is off to a hot start posting a .283 batting average, with 21 RBIs, 10 doubles, three home-runs, two triples and five walks so far this season.

The Melk-man would love nothing more to remind the Yankees front office just what they missed out on by not re-signing him this past off-season. Especially since Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez pleaded and begged the Yankee brass but they said no thanks.

My guess is the Melk-man is looking to have a big series against his old team; my fear is that Melk-man might deliver his ninth career walk-off hit this week in the Bronx. Expect loud cheers for Melky from the New York crowd when he steps to the plate, as he was a big part of the 2009 Championship team.

2) Royals have the best farm system in baseball (watch SUGAR on HBO on-demand) and Yankee fans should get a glimpse at two future stars. The first is 1B Eric Hosmer, who just got to the bigs on May 5th and ranks in the top 10 prospects in baseball. The other is middle reliever Aaron Crow, who has a slider that almost touches 90 mph and the Yankees will try to avoid having to face him at all costs.

Overall, the Royals are just out matched in this series, but they should put up a good fight and it will be a fun series to watch.

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