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Yankees: Mr. Rodriguez could actually help team win

“I refuse to quit,” … “Maybe it’s stupidity, I don’t know, but I’m wired to compete and give my best. I have a responsibility to be ready to play as soon as I can.”  USA TODAY

That was the recent answer New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez provided when asked about his pending return from hip surgery.

A-Rod was supposed to debut this past Monday against the Texas Rangers, but instead the Yankees put the third baseman on the DL, and sent back to Tampa to rehab a Grade 1 quad strain. When will he return? Look at MLB odds at Top Bet for this one.

The problem is A-Rod says he isn’t hurt and is ready to get back with his teammates.

He even had Dr. Michael Gross, a tainted orthopedic surgeon declare his sentiments publicly on WFAN’s The Mike Francesca Show. You can listen to the radio interview here.

And of course Gross was reprimanded this winter for “failing to adequately ensure proper patient treatment involving the prescribing of hormones including steroids

I mean come on now, why A-rod didn’t find a doctor who is clean is beyond me?

At this point A-Rod is acting a tad desperate, a trait no one wears well.

In case you are living under a rock, or have hibernated for the last year A-Rod is the star of MLB’s infamous Biogenesis Clinic, which was operating as a PED facility for pro athletes.

And with the 65 games suspension Ryan Braun just received, so A-Rod has good reason to worry.

Except that Braun had actually failed a drug test, and due to MLB’s lackadaisical rules on handling drug tests he got off.

A-Rod’s name merely leaked from the Mitchel Report back in 2003. He chose to tell the truth, while some of his peers jumped right on Denial Drive.

Rumor has it that A-Rod is either facing a 100-game suspension, or a permanent one.

If this has any truth behind it would mean MLB is counting the leaked test results as a first time suspension.

Regardless, the bottom line here is have you met anyone this dumb?

A-Rod has a team of powerhouse lawyers and plenty of green to buy the best of everything, so it is hard to comprehend how these foolish things continually happens to him.

This saga has officially reached out of control status.

Both the Yankees and A-Rod want to get their money, so fans should expect more immature tactics coming from both sides.

The one thing the Yankee brass is losing sight of here is that if they had let A-Rod comeback three days ago, the team might not be down 2-1 vs. the Rangers.

Here are A-Rod’s career stats vs. active Rangers pitchers:

(Stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Alex Rodriguez - Batting Stats vs. Active Rangers Pitchers

Once again proves that the Yankees are all about the Benjamins, not about Championships.

Let MLB handle the PED stuff, as funny how the Yankees supported him the first time when breaking the HR record was on the table.


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  2. Jesse Lee says:

    In 2007, American baseball player Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player in major league baseball history to hit 500 career home runs.

  3. Jesse Lee says:

    His career faltered after his 2009 admission that he had used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003, but he went on to help the Yankees win the 2009 World Series.