Yankees: Who said Robinson Cano wasn’t marketable?

One of the excuses as to why the New York Yankees allowed their best player, Robinson Cano leave for Seattle was that he did not put fans in the seats.

The reason I heard was that Cano was not a marketable player off the field compared to a Derek Jeter, or even an Alex Rodriguez.

Well, the Yankees were wrong once again.

Unless, a new Nike commercial doesn’t count?

Nike released its latest commercial yesterday, and guess who is the first athlete featured in the montage of the biggest names in sports? 

Why don’t you see for yourselves….

Did the Yankees just miss out on the new face of MLB? 

Remember that Jay Z has some serious pull everywhere….and he wants to keep his first sports client happy.


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  1. You need to go back on your meds.

    1. 9 out of 10 won't know it's even Cano. Serious Cano marketing there!!!!

    2. We let him go because we could not fill in those $500 cheap seats? Double your meds. We let him go because Seattle was stupid enough to out bid themselves.

    3. You think Jeter in a Ford Fusion makes fans but tickets??? Money in his pocket, nothing else.

    Kate, pretty lame!!!!!

  2. Show me 1 credible source that has suggested any of that. It's so ridiculous I'm shocked you would even consider it or write it. Cano left for 10 yrs and a boat of $, the Yanks were not going to match (a la A-rod). He chased the Money vs the legacy ( and still a lot of $). To put it in perspective. Pedroia signed an 8 yr extension for $100M. Is Cano 2X better?????

    Averything else is just noise.