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Yankees: Robbie Cano don’cha remember

Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

With the New York Yankees getting some well-deserved rest after splitting a long, and sometimes painful four game set against the Rays, it seemed like the perfect moment to check in on one of their ex-teammates who now plays in Seattle.

Yes, I am talking about Robinson Cano, don’cha know?

You remember the Yankees homegrown, All-Star, second baseman that decided a decade of losing as a Mariners was better for him than more seven years and being a Yankee his entire career.

No doubt, at first I was pretty angry when the Yankees presented a low-ball offer to Cano because that essentially led him to skedaddle to Seattle.

I never even entertained that the Yankees should go near anywhere near the 10-year, $240 million deal he inked with the Mariners, but an offer of $200 million over 8-seasons would have been the right thing to do.

Even though I try to live by the motto, root for the team – not the player, I did have a certain affinity for Cano. He played baseball with such ease, and I was in awe of his God-given talent.

Ok, enough crying over spilled milk.

Fact is Cano is no longer a Yankee, which makes him just another player who does not don the infamous pinstripes. In essence, he is the enemy.

I have to admit; I did find myself daydreaming of how good the 2014 Yankees would be if Cano were manning second base still following his monster Spring Training.

But my sentiments have now faded, as Cano is not off to a great start.

As his batting stats from Spring Training vs. Regular Season make for a Jekyll and Hyde remake.

(All stats come courtesy of MLB.com)

Robinson Cano - 2014 Batting Stats
Spring Training18514215001344100.4120.4550.5100.964
Regular Season1871719301868010.2680.3210.3520.673

It is only 18-games, but you got to believe that Cano is suffering from a rude awakening of going from Yankees life to Mariners reality.

Presently, the Mariners are sitting fourth in the AL West with a 7-11 record, and desperately trying to break the six-game losing streak (swept by Rangers and Mariners) they are on right now.

What an ideal time for Cano to show some clubhouse leadership, as that is what the big bucks were for, right?

Yankees fans will get to see their old friend/foe soon, as the Mariners will be visiting the Bronx on April 29th for three games.

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  1. Steve says:

    he was truly never a leader in the clubhouse …..the game comes easy to him so he was never a hustle give it 110% player…but what you have to realize is he doesn't care about the losing even his average..he only wanted the 10 years and the most money..that's why he went with the Mariners..he has some rings \/sand his excuse that the Yankees showed him no respect is garbage…he didn't stick around because he doesn't have the same values or hunger as guys like Jeter and the leadership of McAnn…I was sorry to see the bat go but not the person…

  2. joann says:

    I AGREE W/ STEVE. i was never a cano fan anyway, to me he was just a lazy ass, he's a good fit for the mariners.