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Yankees: Retired to rehired

This will be short but not so sweet.

Yankees put age before beauty.

Yankees put age before beauty.

Upon my daily trolling of the big newspapers sports sections, USA Today reported that the New York Yankees were trying to get Chipper Jones, Derrek Lee and Scott Rolen out of retirement to come play in the Bronx.

In utter disbelief instead of reaching for my morning coffee, I knocked it over and it went everywhere.

As I cleaned up my mess, I started conversing out loud using words that would not have made my mother very proud.

I started rehashing a few statements made by Yankees inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner about focusing on a youth movement that I had read on MLB.com.

“In order to achieve that goal (keeping payroll at $189 million), these young players have to step up and get the job done.”

“But you’ve got to have a good mix of veterans and young talent.”

Of course Hal also believed that he the Yankees were a “championship caliber” team at the start of Spring Training, which doesn’t say much about his judgment.

If the Yankees want to try to develop their prospects then do it already. I know for fact that many fans, myself included would rather see some hungry youngsters playing in the Bronx than another washed up, household name, who is 40+years old.

And the audacity of the Yankees asking Jones, who was an Atlanta Brave lifer for 19-seasons, to come out of retirement to play in New York is embarrassing and ill-mannered.

Someone might want to tell the Yankees that days of wearing the pinstripes being a player’s end all, be all are long gone.

Just imagine if the tables were turned and the Braves went after Derek Jeter three months after he retired?

I would be really angry, but the Yankees didn’t stop there in their plea to Jones.

Since Cashman didn’t have a number to contact Jones’ agent he instructed reporters to tweet his sentiments to get the word out. Here is what Jones tweeted in response.

Lee is supposedly mulling over the Yankees who have made him an official offer. Lee has not played in baseball since retiring in 2011, but for some reason the Yankees don’t seem to care about that.

Like Jones, Rolen retired following last season after playing in the majors for 17-years. Rolen seems to be Cashman choice but the GM said he would happily sign him if the price were right.

This whole charade is an utter humiliation for the Yankees but justifiably Cashman is desperate.

If Hal had allowed the GM to spend money on a solid bench to give the team depth in the wake of major injuries this would never had happened.

Unless Hal is going to unveil baseball’s first nursing home in the Bronx, his youth movement sentiments are like all his other statements, white noise.

Chasing retired players is just careless but when you’re all about the Benjamins it makes more sense. As a washed-up, household name draws more of an attraction then a no-name prospect in getting fans to the ballpark.

Prince Hal needs to start implanting the prospects into the mix because he cannot like what he sees now.

We’ve got a lot of good veterans on the team, and we’ve got some good young players as well … That’s always the mix that I want to shoot for. I like our team, but where we end up in October, anybody’s guess.

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