The best and only Yankees report you need to read The best and only Yankees report you need to read The best and only Yankees report you need to read

The best and only Yankees report you need to read

‘YANKEE STADIUM’ at Yankees Stadium in 2012.

For the many LLP readers who emailed me requesting a speedy rundown of the New York Yankees first half of the 2012 season, your wish has come true.

Here is the best, quickest and only report you need to read about the 2012 Yankees at the All-Star Break. So, please keep in mind the above when reading.


The Yankees got hit hard in the first half of 2012, with heartbreaking, jeopardizing injuries to key players like Mariano Rivera, Brett Gardner, Michael Pineda, David Robertson (who is back), Joba Chamberlain, Andy Pettitte and are currently in a 15-day stint with ace CC Sabathia.

Swelled expectations got a reality check and if the Yankees were still in contention at this time of year I would have been okay with that.

Instead the Yankees head into the All-Star Break with the best record (52-33) in MLB, which is just mind-boggling considering how many players had to step it up to get there.

The Yankees are not feasting on below .500 teams; they are beating everybody from the top of the NL to the AL. And the Bombers will beat you in both their house (25-16) and yours (27-17).


The Yankees lead the majors with 134 homers, but the long ball and having the best record heading into the second-half is defusing the problem that they cannot hit with runners in scoring position (meaning guys are on either second or third base or both).

Overall offense has a .231 batting average with RISP, but even worse is they are posting a .143 BA with 2-outs and a runner on third; and a .188 BA with the bases loaded.

And the reason this will most likely be a potential problem again is because hitting is streaky, and power is contagious. And as fans have already seen this season when the Yankees bats slumps it gets ugly and fast.

When any team relies so heavily on home-runs it leaves them out of options when bats are not going deep, and that can be exhausting for players to get out of and fans to have to watch.


This 2012 Yankees team is intimidating and has up to this point seemed unbreakable.

Now there are still a lot of games to play and every fan knows that things can change in an instant but the Yankees have a very comfortable 7-game lead in the toughest division in MLB, the AL East.

And the Yankee players, managers and front office should feel darn good about the job they have done thus far.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    4 days ago you wrote this.

    "So, I jumped on the opportunity of correcting him by saying, “NO! The Yankees are just 5-games up on the Orioles and 5.5 games above the Rays. They could be tied for 1st before the All-Star Game, which is what I predicted, as the Yankees are playing carelessly and acting like they won the division already. And they better because they cannot figure out how to win at the Trop, so playing the Rays for the Wild Card should be avoided.”

    Your prediction of a first place tie was Slightly Off. And CC is feeling better ( No Conspiracy) and will pitch right after the break.

    As for my prediction, the Orioles will Not be around in Oct. I'll remind you of that soon enough. There are 7 teams vying for 2 WC slots, and the O's have NO chance.

    • Richard….I hear you loud and clear but I just write from the gut.

      Also, the Yankees have been known to fudge about injuries and CC worried me because the last time he was on the DL was back in 2006. Until I physically see him take the hill I don't believe a word.

      And there was the possibility of the Yankees being tied for first at the All-Star Break that was my point.

      You are already talking WC spots and half the season is still left. The Yankees haven't won anything yet nor is it even closed to guaranteed yet. We could be looking at all different teams come September and that is a fact.

      Presumption is the MOTHER of all F'ERS!! Be careful in thinking the Yankees have anything in the bag because they don't/

      • Steve Karsay says:

        I agree. Sizable division leads in the AL East can vanish in a hurry.

        The RISP numbers are puzzling… Although Ibanez has been better than I hoped for, getting Gardner back in LF and on the base paths could be a huge plus for the team defense and its ability to put runs on the board with some small ball.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        I never said anything about the Yanks winning anything. Collapses are part of the game. Look at the seven teams in the WC hunt, add the 3 Div winners and you have 4 left. Of those 4 left, which one has a chance of a WC spot? None!!!! Simple logic and a bit of history thrown in.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        Even your point has no point. We were up by 5 on July 4th. Even if the Yanks had lost 4 straight to Sox and Balt swept the 4 games with the Angles the yanks would still be up by 1. Now that's a fact as you like to say.

  2. Heather says:

    Brett just can't come back soon enough. Once he's sitting in that 9 spot, they are such a dynamically different team.