Yankees remain confident losing Yankees remain confident losing Yankees remain confident losing

Yankees remain confident losing

Jeter from behind

Following another New York Yankees one-run loss yesterday this time to the Tampa Bay Rays, the Captain Derek Jeter described the state of the team:

“But before the games, we’re (the Yankees) not panicking. We’re (the Yankees) playing with a lot of confidence.”

This carefree attitude seems to be a theme in the Yankees clubhouse.

As just the day before, after the Yankees lost the rubber game 8-3, along with the series to the Baltimore Orioles, Nick Swisher had similar sentiments:

“All I hear is concern this, concern that. Nobody’s concerned in here, guys.”

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but the Yankees have ample reasons to be concerned.

And here are a few:

1 – Just 28 days ago the Yankees were posting a .256 batting average; two-weeks later, or 14-days ago, the team’s BA dropped to .207; and over the last week the bats are posing a .184 BA. Do I need to explain this?

2 – The Yankees have two more games vs. the Rays at the Trop, which is a dome featuring a turf field.

The Yankees have a 3-9 record playing on turf this season. The other team who plays on the fake stuff is the Blue Jays and the Yankees have four games left at the Rogers Center.

3 – Vs. AL East teams the Yankees are 26-25, which ranks them third below the Rays (31-22) and the O’s (30-21). And 22 of the 28 regular season games left to play are vs. AL East teams.

4 –Skipper Joe Girardi is getting too trigger-happy, as why did he pinch-hit Curtis Granderson in the 9th-inning for Russell Martin vs. the Rays on Labor Day?

Other than the fact that Granderson has been a strikeout machine lately, wasn’t he diagnosed with tendonitis in his right hamstring like 2-days ago?

And considering Martin was 2 for 3 with an RBI and a stolen base on the afternoon so this made no sense to me at all.

5 – Wrestler Hans Schmidt once said, “It takes no talent to hustle.”

Robbie Cano, don’t cha’ know?

After hitting a line drive right towards the Rays third baseman Elliot Johnson, Cano decided to jog to first-base instead of running. Johnson dropped the textbook catch, but Cano was too slow and too late to be safe.

Also, in the post-loss, Cano told the NY Daily News that his left hip “felt a little tight” after spending significant time in the training room and was sporting an ice pack on it. He also said he might be out of the lineup tonight vs. the Rays to rest the hip.


  1. vog says:

    I thought this was a story on the Mets not my beloved Yankees. I want to cry.

    • LLP says:

      Vog – I am with you 100%!!! So sad to watch…

      • John says:

        Agreed, this is horrible, how can Yankee fans be expected to watch this mess. You make great ponts Kate, these guys do not have any heart right now. I still hope they can get back to their mid season form but I am afraid that is not possible at this point.