Yankees vs. Red Sox: Showdown starts tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees vs. Red Sox: Showdown starts tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees vs. Red Sox: Showdown starts tonight - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Showdown starts tonight

Yankees 4; Red Sox 3

Yankees 4; Red Sox 3

The Boston Red Sox are a coming; actually the team probably arrived last night but you get the point.

As the New York Yankees will host their heated rivals for a four game set up in the Bronx starting tonight.

Last time these two teams met up in Boston, things got heated up thanks to Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster who threw four pitches with the intention of hitting Yankees Alex Rodriguez.

Eventually, Dempster did peg A-Rod in the side on his fourth attempt.

Dempster not only put a runner on first base intentionally, he also awoke a sleeping dog in the Yankees who went on to knock 17 hits and winning that night 9-6.

Regrettably since Dempster pitched last night, he will not take the bump in the Bronx this weekend to the thorough disappointment of Yankees fans everywhere.

Skipper Joe Girardi does not think his Yankees will retaliate due to the significance of these games, as he made clear last night.

“I think that obviously we know what’s at stake and we have to go out and play the games and win the games, and that’s the most important thing.”

Well personally, I sure hope Girardi was just being PC as it is about time that Big Papi takes one in the ribs for the team, and for A-Rod no less.


Currently, the Red Sox are leading the AL East (84-57) by six games and are minus eight games in the loss column over the Yankees (75-64).

Regardless, Beantown fans would be elated if their Red Sox were the sole reason for the Yankees not to be playing come October. It would be only the second time, first was in 2008, in the last 19 postseasons that the Bronx Bombers would go playoff-less.

So clearly this series holds a lot more weight for the Yankees, as they are just 2.5 games back, three in the loss column, in the AL Wild Card standings behind another AL East team, the Tampa Bay Rays (77-61).

The Rays have gone 3-7 in their last 10-games but are currently on a two-game winning streak. But true-blooded baseball fans have learned the hard way not to count out skipper Joe Maddon’s Rays when it comes to staying relevant, so expect this Wild Card race to go till the finish line.


The only way to make Boston sweat is if the Yankees sweep this four game set because it keeps the AL East up for grabs.


These two teams still have three more games up in Fenway Park this season, and the Yankees would ideally need to sweep that series too to take the division.

This is the Red Sox’s AL East to lose, and even though anything is possible.

Personally, I just don’t see Boston collapsing on their faces after their 2011 historic breakdown and missing the postseason last year too.


Even though the Yankees have a 15-3 record in their last 18 home games, I just do not see a sweep likely here.

The reason is the Yankees starters, sans Ivan Nova who is starting tonight vs. Jake Peavy, have been inconsistent.

CC Sabathia has been off all season.

Andy Pettitte is throwing like a 41-year old, as the southpaw can only be counted on for a good four to five innings of work.

David Huff has replaced Phil Hughes in the rotation, as he is now part of the bullpen.

And newly crowned ace Hiroki Kuroda, the Yankees literal 2013 season savior, has been struggling significantly over the last month.

Yes, the Yankees can hit but so can the Red Sox, as here are both teams batting stats for the month of August and beginning of September:

(All stats courtesy of MLB.com)

August 2013 - Hitting
Boston Red Sox2898114627768226138103228210.2820.3560.4350.792
New York Yankees289561272554043212690219310.2670.3370.4170.755
September - 2013 - Hitting
Boston Red Sox41332435121122143020.2630.3380.3910.729
New York Yankees4132293990928192840.2950.3970.5680.966

Bottom line is if I listened to my heart, I would predict that the Yankees would win three of the four games.

But according to my mind, I would believe a more realistic ending would be a series spilt.

What is your prediction?




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