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Yankees – Red Sox Series Preview

The New York Yankee’s went limping into the All-Star break, and are probably thrilled to have had some rest. The team has been dealing with injuries

Boston Red Sox pitchers Jon Lester, Eric Gagne...

Boston Red Sox pitchers Jon Lester, Eric Gagne, and Curt Schilling among others. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all season long and hasn’t lived up to their lofty expectations (Only 4th in the division). Starting today they will face the rival Boston Red Sox, but is the rivalry as good as it used to be?

There,was a time when having a pair of Yankees tickets to this game would be the holy grail of baseball, but with the team struggling is the game still worth the hype? Especially considering these tickets are averaging $208 and are 92% more expensive than the average price of Red Sox tickets at home this year.

The short answer is an absolute yes, because the Yankee’s are known to always make a great run following the All-Star break.

Just ask a Red Sox fan.

The team can never be counted out even with half the season gone. They’re just 6 games out of the first place and there is plenty of baseball still to be played.

Here’s a breakdown of this weekend’s game by game ticket prices:

  • 7/19: Average Price: $213 | Get-in (lowest): $45
  • 7/20: Average Price: $244 | Get-in (lowest): $70
  • 7/21: Average Price: $180 | Get-in (lowest): $42

The second half of the season is not without its question marks though. Will Derek Jeter be a factor at all this season? He could possibly miss the opening series versus the Red Sox with a quad strain. Having him play would bring brighter lights and a better story line to the series though.

The Yankee’s are struggling a bit, but their upcoming series versus the Red Sox should still be worth the ticket price and if they can do some damage could turn their season around.

There are so many story lines surrounding this team for the second half of the season, and they will be desperate to get the second half started in the right way.

The Red Sox on the other hand want to continue to build on their lead in the division and keep the confidence level of their number-one rival at bay.

Hopefully, the Yankees can squash those plans.

Fans and experts should expect this series to be scrappy, fun, and entertaining—as usual.

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  1. George says:

    "The New York Yankee’s didn’t quite limping into the All-Star break,"

    Come on Kate, you lost most people after the first sentence. Have a 12 y/o proof read your work.

  2. George says:

    I'm sorry you probably din;t even know what's wrong with it. No 's and it's either Aren't quite limping or didn't quite limp.