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Yankees: You must read this letter to Alex Rodriguez

While I was casually surfing the web yesterday, looking for new additions for my Nike Dunk Sky Hi collection, I randomly

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks w...

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees talks with former Yankee great Reggie jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

came across something on the Classic Kicks website.

It was the reaction of a New York Yankees fan named Bernie LeRoy about what has gone on with Alex Rodriguez titled, A Fan’s Notes (With Apologies To Fred Exley).

In this note, Mr. LeRoy vents his disappointments about A-Rod and he really struck a cord in me.

As a long time believer of trying to see the good in everybody, including A-Rod this note made me think hard about this man I have defended.

With A-Rod suspended for the entire 2014 season, I have plenty of time to ponder this some more.

Here is an excerpt from Mr. LeRoy’s note, and you can click HERE to go read the rest. And trust me, if you are an A-Rod hater you will be missing out if you do not read all he has to say.

It is amazing how miscalculated his every calculated move is. And what has made him so interesting over the years, is his (completely unnecessary) attempts to be even more to America, and to see how those orchestrations backfire at every turn. If he couldn’t hit home runs, he’d be a wonderfully handsome failure. A sad guy at the end of the bar selling everything from time shares to Miami Sound Machine bootlegs to the type of people who would have had a crush on him in high school. So when you see A-Rod on television, at press conferences, on sepia-toned sets with Tom Rinaldi – Don’t be fooled – because all of this – is a carefully calculated hoax.

Read the rest of A Fan’s Notes (With Apologies To Fred Exley) and you can send Mr. LeRoy a tweet @BernieLeRoy.



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  1. Richard says:

    A-rod had some lousy advisors. He can do NO right!! In hind sight, he could have fallen on his sword, and hoped to get a 50 game suspension early on. No he fought and lost. He hurt himself, the Yankees and his fans. I'm one that's surely walking away from him.

    • Agreed. It is about time I try to see through A-Rod's bullshit. But I stil disagree with the suspension's length only because there was no failed test and because of Braun.

      • Richard says:

        Possession is enough under baseball rules. You don't need a failed drug test.

  2. Ronald Ivy says:

    I used to like A rod but I really think that he is an overpaid brat. I'm walkin

    • Ronald…I have defended A-Rod for years and even though I do not think MLB acted very ethically doesn't change the fact of that A-Rod is interacting with scumbags.

  3. captainern says:

    BRILLIANT, absolutely brilliant psychoanalysis of the a-bomb – thanks, Bernie!

  4. Eric Pierson says:

    It's sad. You give the guy the benefit of the doubt when he seems so sincere about his innocence. Those emails sent to and by him are very incriminating. He took PED's and then tried to hide their existence to beat the random drug tests. This, after being caught a few years ago and humbly admitting he used PED's when he played for the Rangers. Just sad. Think his suspension fits the crime. He needs to be made an example of what happens when you get caught twice and trying to cover up your crime.

    • Eric – I hear you but I still think without a failed test it is hard to justify A-Rod's suspension. Also, Ryan Braun only got 65 games, which doesn't make sense.

  5. Frank Spero says:


    • There are three links in the post to the entire letter…..I apologize if the links were not well marked.

      1 – second paragraph.
      2- following excerpt.
      3 – in the author's tweet at the end of post.

  6. Tarisita says:

    Frank…. click on A Fan’s Notes (With Apologies To Fred Exley) above! It's a great read!!!

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