Yankees vs Rangers: Whose hitters are hotter? Yankees vs Rangers: Whose hitters are hotter? Yankees vs Rangers: Whose hitters are hotter?

Yankees vs Rangers: Whose hitters are hotter?

Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a calle...

Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a called strike. Photograph by Googie Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though the 2012 MLB season is still so young, the media has labeled the Rangers as the best team in baseball.

This is not surprising, as the sports media has a certain love for the Rangers and always gives them the benefit of the doubt.

Currently, the Yankees, also dubbed the evil empire, are in Arlington to face the hottest team in baseball and I have yet to see anyone picking them to win the series.

See most baseball experts and even fans have deemed the Yankees as too old; attest their high home-run numbers to the small confines of Yankee Stadium; and blame what is in skipper Joe Girardi’s binder for every lose.

It boggles my mind why the Rangers seem to get a pass on everything, as Rangers Ballpark is a batter’s dream; their skipper Ron Washington’s decisions have lost them two World Series in a row; and give Josh Hamilton praise but rip Alex Rodriguez for everything.

So, when I went to look at the two teams batting stats for the season I was shocked because I thought the Rangers would be so far ahead of New York but that is not the case.

And as the saying goes…. stats don’t (and can’t) lie.

So, here are the 2012 batting stats for the Rangers and Yankees with the AL league average on the bottom.

Please keep in mind that the Yankees have 38 less at-bats than the Rangers due to a rain out yesterday.

And also, opponents and other factors in a team’s performance are not taken into account.

A recent example was how the Tigers lost yesterday’s game against the Rangers because of a botched call by the ump? That result is inaccurate but the Rangers will get the W and Tigers the L but it doesn’t make the Rangers better just lucky. Read what happened HERE.

courtesy of baseball-reference.com.

Stats can predict outcomes because the element of circumstance is not taken into account, but it certainly gives an overall outlook on performance.

And to think that the Rangers were not eons better than the Yankees was what surprised me because the way the media has portrayed them so far this season.

So, according to ESPN BBTN, the NY Daily News, SB Nation, FOX Sports and the MLB Network along with countless others the Rangers are the best; so I guess Yankee fans should brace themselves for a three game sweep.

Well, I am not so convinced that the Rangers or any other team for that matter can be labeled the best team in baseball just yet.