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Yankees: Prospects for power

McCann looks at a ball

McCann looks at a ball (Photo credit: rjcox)

When plan A fails there is always plan B….right? 


How does this relate to the current state of the New York Yankees?

Well, I think it is about time for Yankees to look beyond their All-Star disabled list (DL).

The hope that Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson, Youkilis, and Teixeira will ever be healthy enough to play at the level expected in the Bronx is dwindling.

With July right around the corner, it would be irresponsible for GM Brian Cashman not to start weighing other options via the trade market, which officially ends on the 31st of next month.

Now if I were Cashman, calling the Braves to ask what it would take to bring 6-time All-Star, catcher Brain McCann to the Bronx would be a good place to start.

Why McCann?

Well, like I predicted during the off-season, the mistake of letting Russell Martin walk is finally evolving.

And since I do not believe the Yankees have a time machine to go back and resign Martin, getting McCann seems almost like a no-brainer.

Look at McCann’s batting stats compared to Chris Stewart and Austin Romine this season (All stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com):

B. McCann321211041026207170115200.2500.3470.4710.818490
C. Stewart421321151531003103010220.2700.3260.3480.673404
A. Romine225653572002100150.1320.1480.1700.31893
McCann vs. Stewart vs. Romine - 2013 batting stats

McCann is going to be a free agent at the end of this season, and with the Braves future behind the dish is rookie sensation Evan Gattis going forward trading the 29-year old makes sense.

McCann did need shoulder surgery after last season, so he didn’t return this season until May XX, so Gattis got some solid playing time. And did so well he was named the NL Rookie of the Month for both April and May.

Gattis did just land on the 15-day DL today with an oblique strain, which he suffered playing vs. the Mets in the rain.

Pending his injury remains minor, Gattis should be fine in two weeks so keep your fingers crossed because McCann won’t go anywhere if this kid isn’t healthy.

Trading for McCann solves two problems for the Yankees.

1) McCann brings a big bat with power on top of being on of the best catchers in the game today.

2) The Yankees need a top catcher going forward because Austin Romine can’t hit softball, and the offense is to weak to shoulder his terrible bat.

If McCann got traded to New York, and excelled the Yankees can sign him for two or three years. If not, they can let McCann hit free agency after renting him for three months.

What do the Yankees have that the Braves need?

The Braves will probably ask for Brett Gardner, but that isn’t going to happen so a prospect package seems more doable.

If the Yankees offer two top prospects, one position player and one pitcher that might do it.

The Braves are stuck with second baseman Dan Uggla for two more years after this season, so maybe rookie Angelo Gumbs would be appealing.

Assuming the Yankees will be signing Cano for the next decade, trading a promising 2B prospect makes sense.

Also, stating pitcher Tim Hudson is about to turn 38-years old, and in the last year of his contract. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Braves would like to get a right-handed arm to develop. Maybe Adam Warren and Ty Hensley?

Look…the bottom line here is the Yankees will have to get creative if they want McCann because he isn’t going to come at a bargain, and he shouldn’t.

Remember that ownership, aka Hal Steinbrenner, promised us Yankee fans a championship team on the field,

And FYI to Hal…. this isn’t it.

Time to go get the offensive help and fans will go buy Yankees tickets to cheer this team all the way to the 2013 World Series.

“Will you be remembered, how would you be remembered, why wouldn’t you fight for the greatest achievement ever?” – NFL great Ray Lewis.

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