Yankees: Postseason players linked to PEDs not named Alex Rodriguez

In early September Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News reported that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig wanted Yankees Alex Rodriguez in the postseason in 2013

English: Alex Rodriguez

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about as much as he wanted Barry Bonds to break the home run record of Selig’s dear friend, the great Henry Aaron.

It is no secret Selig has been on a mission to turn A-Rod into the poster boy for his anti-PED (performance enhancing drugs) campaign.

So it is understandable why Selig wouldn’t want someone he deemed “a cheater” celebrated during baseball’s postseason.

And thanks to the wretched play of the Yankees, Selig got his wish as there is no October baseball in the Bronx for only the second time in the last 19-seasons.

In my opinion, Selig has crossed ethical lines with this A-Rod crusade.

Selig turned his cheek the other way, while PEDs ran rampant, following baseball’s 1994 strike.

Do you recall the Sammy Sosa vs. Mark McGwire 1998 home run race?

It was the infamous headline that hogged national newspapers for months, and got baseball on the map again, financially.

Mind you Sosa’s head was growing at an abnormally fast rate, and by the end of the 98’ season looked like it might literally explode. But Selig let both, now admitted PED users, become baseball’s supermen.

Blah, blah, blah…. the point here is not to bore you with another rant about A-Rod vs. the Commissioner’s Office.

It is about how Selig must feel about Tigers Jhonny Peralta and Red Sox David Ortiz starring in the 2013 postseason.

Peralta is fresh off a 50-game suspension after violating MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program for being linked to Tony Bosch’s Biogenesis Clinic.

He is also the MVP from ALCS Game One, where Peralta went 3-for-4 and drove in the Tigers lone run. He gave Detroit the 1-0 win, and a 1-0 lead in the ALCS over the Red Sox. You can see all of Peralta’s 2013 Postseason heroics HERE.

While Ortiz was named on the notorious 2007 Mitchell Report as one of the players who tested positive for steroid use; along with A-Rod and more than 100 other players for failing a PED test.

Last night in Game 2 of the ALCS, Ortiz hit a game tying grand slam in the eighth inning that was the reason the Red Sox won. It was the biggest hit of the postseason yet, and one that could lead to an ALCS MVP for Ortiz if Boston wins this championship series.

It makes me wonder how Mr. Selig feels about PED linked players becoming postseason idols that are not named Alex Rodriguez.

Maybe it is time for Selig to take some responsibility for his lenient position of PED use in MLB allowed players to think it was almost ok.

Bottom line is A-Rod’s mistakes are not responsible for every MLB player whom has taken a banned substance to enhance their own performance. As this 2013 ALCS series is proving just that.


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