Yankees: My plea for Soriano Yankees: My plea for Soriano Yankees: My plea for Soriano

Yankees: My plea for Soriano

The 2012 MLB season is as exciting as ever but thanks to the media to divert the attention, while at the same time putting Yankee Universe into a tizzy, about

Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something that has nothing to do with the now.

So, it came as no surprise when I read, courtesy of CBSSports.com Jon Heyman, that the return of closer Rafael Soriano for 2013 was really in jeopardy.

Heyman’s reported that sources close to Soriano said that at the end of 2012 season, he plans to opt-out of his $14 million player-option, as Soriano hopes of signing a multi-year deal with a team that will use him as a closer.

This is not a new subject but just not one that needed or warranted any discussion until this season is over. But it is what it is and it is out there now so here is my stance.


Soriano’s success was not randomly nor recently discovered when he came to New York, as 2012 marks his 11th season in the Bigs.

The year before the Yankees inked Soriano, he was the AL saves leader (45) in 2010 with the Rays and made the All-Star team.

Still, everyone knew that Soriano was a last-ditch, consolation prize courtesy of Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine in attempts to make up for not landing Cliff Lee.

Even GM Brian Cashman made it public knowledge on ESPN New York that he didn’t recommend the deal, but he did say that the Yankees were much tougher with Soriano on the team than not.

And even under such harsh opinions, Soriano said the following on at his Yankees press conference:

“I know that a lot of people will find this strange, but I’m very happy to be close to one of the greatest closers. And hopefully in the future, I will after being a setup man, be a closer, too. I’m going to learn a lot from him.”


Soriano stepped into the closer role when the great Mariano Rivera went down back in May. It was the cruelest circumstance to have to show your ability, especially in Yankee Universe.

And I can speak for Yankee fans everywhere when I state that without Soriano’s consistency and dominance, the Yankees would not have survived at all this season.

Soriano has made 40 saves in 43 attempts in Mo’s absence, posting a 2.07 ERA, with 68 strikeouts over 61 innings pitched. He has held opposing batters to a .218 batting average, and has allowed just four homers all season, and in hitting friendly Yankee Stadium.

Many, including myself arguably think that Soriano has been the team MVP in 2012, even over Derek Jeter and Hiroki Kuroda.

So justifiably, if Soriano doesn’t want to go back to being a set-up man for Mo and you can’t really blame him.

His talent as a savior became so grossly clear the moment he took the mound as the Yankees closer.

Now I adore Mo like everyone else, but the Yankees cannot let Soriano walk at the end of this season.

Other teams will be salivating at the thought of acquiring Soriano’s services long-term, especially with the lack of free agent closers on the upcoming market.

When and if the 40-year old Rivera comes back, which is the hope, it will be for one season maximum so keeping Soriano is the logical thing to do.

MAKE SIGNING SORIANO A TOP PRIORITY, and I mean at the Cano-Granderson level.

It might cost the Yankees a ton, but it secures a replacement for Mo that has proven worthy; and that is HUGE.

And now can we please get back to September baseball already????!!!!!


  1. Richard says:

    Leave it to Heyman to put something out there and everyone Bites. Last Oct, Boras said he would not opt out and now he is???? Blah blah blah!!!!

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate and Richard.

    Aaaah…I am so glad both Kate and Richard are hanging in there still in one piece, so far.

    I am delighted they seem to be enjoying this nail-biting gut-wrenching drive to October with more positive mindset.

    Way to go, girl: You too, Richie..

    • Richard says:

      Oh thanks Coolie,

      Glad to see your still around. Maybe Kate will write about the remaining schedule for the contending teams. I see lots of drama which will benefit the Yanks. To be honest I'm still getting over that Giants game. Wow.

      • LLP says:

        Richard….I am still in a state from the NYG game too!! Talk about Jekyll and Hyde…but that is Giants football for you. The G-Men never make it easy on themselves or the fans, but the formula has brought success to NY/NJ and you got to give credit to Eli Manning for his leadership.

        Now about the Yankees remaining schedule, I could do a post on the contenders as I know the Yankees schedule works in their favor but it also doesn't so maybe I will post why that is tonight.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. Thank you!!!

      • Richard says:

        I wouldn't get Too comfortable. But he has his/her moments.

      • coolnewyorker says:

        Hey…Kate. It's a pleasure to say nice things when they are due. You've been awfully nice lately with your yankeephilic blogs. Go, girl!

        Seriously, fans need to read positive stuffs from you during this perilous drive to October. And you too, Richie.

        Now, let's see those remaining schedules.

        • Richard says:

          There is nothing wrong with Kate's passion with her team. Your use of yankeephilic is way off base. Clean up your act!!!!

        • Richard says:

          And since you don't want to use your name (which is your right), don't distort others that do. The kid's blog is elsewhere.

          • coolnewyorker says:

            Now that Kate has turn to yankeephilic views, it's a pleasure to read her blogs.

            It was a pleasure to read your very brief sensible comment, Richie. Too bad you cannot keep it up.

            And stop fighting for Kate. You have your own very serious problems. Now, take your pills and be nice.

            • vog says:

              You like to use code words don't you? Take responsibility for what you write, don't project – very childish.

            • yankee61 says:

              Only a shrink or much worse would use yankeephilic. Sounds abnormal. What does it mean, dude?

            • LLP says:

              CNY – I just give my opinion and trying the positive root because the Yanks deserve that much but they have to continue to play better, and that is just a fact.

            • coolnewyorker says:

              Hi Kate, of course, that's all we do: opinionate. What else can we do in here?

              Wait…yes, I almost forgot how you did more than just opinionating in the past…from unabashed bashing of Phil Hughes and disrepectful commenting on our newly acquired vets and yankeephobic doomsaying based on your fascination with uncategorized STATS…to, more recently, positive yankeephilic blogs which I find refreshing during this gut- wrenching pennant race.

              Well, it's about time you blog like a true Yankee fan.

              Now, remember how you have been wrong about "useless Hughes" and "washed up", "long shot" "done" vets(yes Kate, that's the respectful way to refer to 'em) and "Brian's fart" "crap" trades so that perhaps in the future you would pause for a while, think more than twice when your bashing and disrespecting nature gets the best of you… before you write.

              It's just my opinion. ..about how you have turned around to less abrasive, actually pleasant writer. Keep it up… Kate, baby.

            • Richard says:

              You need a new vocabulary. Same cut and paste words (noise) we read every post. Try moving forward for a change. Just my opinion.

            • coolnewyorker says:

              Hey Richie baby, forgot to take your pills again, eh?

              Why so protective of Kate? She's a big girl, she can fight her own battle. You gotta take care of yourself, first. Take your pills.

              And it ain't an opinion. It's doctor's order.Remember?

            • Richard says:

              More noise + pills. Other than a good laugh, you offer very little. Looks like you have some more fan mail.

            • LLP says:

              CNY you are totally right, I was semi-wrong about Hughes but the jury is still out for me. I need Hughes to pitch solidly for a full season, and that would start with the playoffs, if the Yankees get in that is. Hughes comes up big in the postseason and that would be huge, followed by a strong 2013 campaign and I wills happily stick both my feet in my mouth.

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Giants baseball or football? 41-34 win over Bucaneers or 2-10 loss to D-Backs?

    It's hard to tell with ya, Richie baby.

    • Richard says:

      Let's not be Presumptuous.

      NY blog, Yankee fan – sure, I was talking about San Francisco. Only you would be confused, Coolie Baby.

    • Phil says:

      I believe the Yankees need to sign Soriano to a 6 yer deal to be the new closer. I love Mariano but he's pretty much done at 40 years. We would have another great closer for at least 5 or 6 years!!!

      • Richard says:

        How do you define done? When he's on most of the time, no one can hit his cutter. So who cares how old he is.? Soriano is the best available so sure let's keep him.

        • LLP says:

          Richard – Soriano is almost a decade younger and if Mo's cutter is not dead on because he has lost velocity, players are hitting it more.

          • Richard says:

            Mo's 2011 ERA, ERA+, WHIP, SO/9, are LOWER than his career average. H/9 are the same. So hitter's are actually hitting it the same, but he is More effective. I hope we have Mo for 2013 and Soriano for years to come. Your kidding yourself if you don't think he'll be back with us.

            2012 should have convinced you than you never have enough pitching.

      • LLP says:

        Phil…I have to agree with you about signing Soriano….I adore Mo too but to let him come back next season when we have top 3 closer in baseball already doesn't make sense on paper. Mariano, the person can do whatever he wants b/c he has earned that right and I will respect it. Just hope the Yankees don't lose Soriano in the process.

      • vog says:

        Mo's 2011 stats better than Soriano's 2012 stats. Yep, Mo is getting older, but no one is better.

      • vog says:

        Mo's 2011 stats better than Soriano's 2012 stats. Yep, Mo is getting older, but no one is better.

  4. Bob Terranova says:

    Put Soriano back at second base. There isn't anyone better on the team offensively, and it clears out the overcrowding in the outfield