New York Yankees Pitching Update: Cashman Confusion Continues New York Yankees Pitching Update: Cashman Confusion Continues New York Yankees Pitching Update: Cashman Confusion Continues

New York Yankees Pitching Update: Cashman Confusion Continues

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman is officially having a pani (short for panic attack)…. as MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Yankees have signed southpaw Greg Smith and right-hander Cory Wade to minor league contracts, according to the International League’s transactions page.

Reality is the only thing these two pitchers can do is make the Yankees average age drop a little, as Smith is 27 and Wade is 28 respectively.

Smith is a lefty, which the Yankees definitely are short of in the bullpen but he was let go back in 2010 after making eight starts for the Colorado Rockies. Smith went 1-2, with a 6.23 ERA and only threw 39 innings in total, which makes it understandable why he has not been in the Majors since. The Yankees bought his contract from the Grand Prairie Airhogs, an AAIPB team.

Wade has been tucked in the minors since making 82 appearances in relief for the LA Dodgers in 2008 and 2009. After posting a stellar 0.93 ERA in 2008, Wade struggled in 2009 and was sent down to the minors. He has been with the Rays since last winter, but his opt out clause allowed for him to sign with New York.

The reason I say Cashman might be in panic mode is because 32-year-old journeyman Brian Gordon, who was also signed a day ago, said that the Yankees told him to be ready and to mentally prepare himself to start on Thursday afternoon.

Oddly, when I checked the Yankees active roaster on, not Gordon but Wad’s name had been added to the list.

So, I guess the idea that maybe Cashman brought in Wade and Smith to provide pitching depth in Triple-A can go right out the window.

It also means any hope of seeing one or two of the young prospects was never happening.

And where is he going to add Gordon to the 25-man roaster? Unless he put Wade on for 12-hours, which would be totally stupid.

This is all so weird because these guys were just inked a day ago and that is because Cashman is so steadfast in not letting some of the youngsters come up yet.

Why did he even invite any of them to Spring Training if he had no faith? Or is Cashman trying to keep their values as high as possible just so he doesn’t feel poor if some arm emerges prior to the July 31st trade deadline?

Who knows but when things start to get confusing like this regarding what is really going on, and when it involves the Yankees, usually it’s because something is.

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  1. nyytrueblue says:

    No ifs, ands, or buts, Noesi should have gotten the start yesterday against the Rangers. Gordon is a 32 year old guy that will never make it. Noesi shows me tremendous poise and potential and could be a fixture in the Yankees rotation for years to come!

    • Kate says:

      Agree completely NYTRUEBUE….Gordon was great in his first start but I have witnessed this scenario before. Great first outing and never again, but the Yankees will continue to start him for like four more starts which Gordon might win two of but only cause the Yankee hitters carry him. If Gordon was reliable, the Phillies fifth starter Blanton is on DL and tends to spend quite a bit of time there so why would Gordon not get a spot start or two???

  2. Tonyc says:

    I guess that platooning in left field is reeally working out great. They put in Jones when a left starts and sit Gardner. Meanwhile, Garner comes in for defense in the late innings and has to face a lefty twice and gets two hits including the game winner while Jones facing a lefty four times strikes out three times. Yeah, platooning really works.

    • nyytrueblue says:

      I fully agree with your take. Initially, I liked Girardi as manager over Mattingly because he did a good job with the Marlins. After 3 plus years with the Yankees, I like him much less, as he overmanages, especially when he goes to the "book". We should have gotten Showalter back instead of letting him go to the Orioles.

      • Kate says:

        Well, I like Girardi as skipper NYTRUEBLUE.

        Girardi has a lot of pressure on him…filling Torre's shoes, playing in NY media market and the Yankee fans have ridiculous and unrealistic expectations. Yes, I want to win but I understand that it won't be every season and that their will be hiccups that no one can control.

    • Kate says:

      I hear you TonyC but Gardy doesn't have the power or the track record of Jones. I like Gardy but he should not be lead-off, as he only righted himself when he was moved down in the order.