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Yankees: Pineda pine tar part deux

And here we are again, talking about New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda and his use of pine tar.

Pineda Meme

Funny Pineda Meme!! @MLBmemes

Just to recap, last night Pineda got tossed in the second inning because the Red Sox noticed that he had applied pine tar on his neck. The umpire actually swiped his finger over the area on his neck, rubbed his fingers together and declared that it was pine tar.

And that was the end of Pineda’s fourth career start as a Yankee, and his second vs. Boston where pine tar was involved. Click HERE to watch the replay of Pineda getting busted.

Honestly, I do not know if Pineda suffers from an attitude problem, an inflated ego that makes him believe he is above MLB law, or if he suffers from an extremely low IQ.

Regardless, whatever made Pineda deliberately use pine tar so casually against the Boston Red Sox again is beyond me.

Pineda gave Red Sox skipper John Farrell little choice, as his disrespectful behavior was a total slap in the face.

Even though I completely agree that Farrell did the right thing, I am well aware that the first time this occurred, Clay Bucholtz was pitching for Boston and he has been questioned a few times in the past about foreign substances.

Now the Yankees, who lost Ivan Nova to Tommy John surgery last week, will be short another starter for the next two weeks, give or take. As Pineda will likely recieve a suspension from MLB that will have him miss at least one or two of his next scheduled starts.

After Pineda’s ejection, the Yankees were a disaster. The defensive committed three errors, and Brett Gardner, who was playing right field for the first time, actually could not find the baseball. That stuff never happens to an allpro like Gardner, as the ball had actually hopped the wall and smacked a Red Sox fan in the face.

Honestly, the game felt like it was never going to end but it did and the Yankees lost, 5-2.

How did the baseball world react to Pineda’s pine tar part deux?

Here are just a few of my favorite tweets:


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  1. lola says:

    No wonder his hat was not on straight. And I thought he was just immature. My bad!!!!!

  2. Baseball says:

    He couldn't have been more obvious unless he was applying it on the mound between pitches.