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Yankees: Pineda, Ellsbury injury updates

Breaking news…the injury bug has officially invaded the Bronx.

As New York Yankees pitcher, Michael ‘Pine Tar’ Pineda has been diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain of the teres major muscle, which is in the shoulder joint, and will miss about month.

Pineda had been down in Tampa a-mid a 10-day suspension for using pine tar, but he flew back to New York this past Tuesday night after experiencing back pain, while throwing a simulated game.

Considering the 25-year old is coming off surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder that had him in rehab for the past two years means there is good reason to be concerned here. I have read that the teres muscle is not directly connected with the rotator cuff but is right below the shoulder, which cannot be good.

With Ivan Nova out for the season too, the Yankees starting rotation is in some rough shape.

Pineda has arguably been one of the best pitchers so far this season with a 1.83 ERA, so this is a huge loss for the now hobbling Yankees.

English: Jacoby Ellsbury leading off first bas...

English: Jacoby Ellsbury leading off first base in a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Phelps is going to fill-in on Monday in Anaheim vs. the Angels, and will likely continue to start in Pineda’s spot until he is healthy again.

I am not a fan of Phelps being tossed between the bullpen and rotation like a rag doll, as it feels a little to Phil Hughes – Joba Chamberlin like for my comfort zone. But what other choice are the Yankees left with; as in a perfect world they would have some rookie starting regularly down in Triple-A Scranton to bring up but that is not the case.

As if Pineda and Nova were not enough, Jacoby Ellsbury was out of the line-up this past Tuesday night with a sore left hand.

Whether Ellsbury would have played on Wednesday is unknown, as the game vs. the Mariners was postponed due to rain at around 2pm. The game is rescheduled for June 2, at 7:05pm and so you can still buy Yankees tickets to see Robinson Cano if you missed him this time.

Skipper Joe Girardi said that tests on Ellsbury’s hand were negative.

The Yankees are not exactly known to be forthright about the true extent of any injuries, so keep your fingers crossed about Ellsbury. The last thing the Yankees need is for Ellsbury and his.312 batting average to miss significant time.

Injuries are inevitable with MLB’s 162-game season, but the number occurring across the board in 2014 has been astounding.

“You have to be a good team, but you have to be lucky and stay away from injuries.”

On a positive note at least no one is headed to see Dr. James Andrews….right??

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