Yankees Pick Up Options On Cano And Swisher Yankees Pick Up Options On Cano And Swisher Yankees Pick Up Options On Cano And Swisher

Yankees Pick Up Options On Cano And Swisher

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It hasn’t even been 24-hours since the St. Louis Cardinals won the 2011 World Series, and the New York Yankees are already hard at work, getting ready for 2012 season.

The latest since the 6 ½ hours of executive meetings in Tampa, FL last Wednesday is that the Yankees picked up outfielder Nick Swisher’s $10.5 million dollar option.

Even though Swish has struggled in October, he has consistently produced offensively in the regular season. Since joining the Yankees in 2009, Swish gets on-base with a .368 OBP, and a total of 250 walks, 256 RBIs, 81 home-runs and 98 doubles in 1590 at-bats.

Swish has become a sergeant to the infamous Bleacher Creatures who span the right outfield at every Yankees home game. It is still a possibility that Swish gets traded before 2012 season, but with Swish’s persona becoming so important to the clubhouse’s atmosphere I doubt it will happen.

The other announcement comes as no surprise, as the Yankees have exercised Robinson Cano’s contract extension, which keeps the All-Star second baseman in pinstripes through 2013. Cano will earn $14 million in 2012 and $15 million in 2013, which is a major bargain considering Cano’s rising star as a top player in baseball.

So, now Yankee fans will have to just wait and hope that ESPN’s Andrew Marchand and New York Times David Waldstein claims are correct. As both reported that the Yankees are doing everything possible to keep ace CC Sabathia from opting out of his seven-year, $161 million contract, which still has four-years and $92 million left.

Sabathia is vital to the Yankees future, and they know that without a raise or else the team risks losing the 59-game winner to the free agent market.

With Phillies ace Cliff Lee commanding $24 million a season, my bet remains that the Yankees will offer Sabathia six-years at $150 million; and that Sabathia will accept.

Not many teams will be able to top that deal, and since Sabathia and his family like New York, it would make sense for him to take it.

So far so good, but it would be nice if the Yankees could get Sabathia’s deal out-of-the-way, and avoid the impending chaos that would follow him hitting the free agent market.



  1. edwine prudent says:

    i want thanks to the yankees for keeping team intact, but will need a veteran p

    • Kate says:

      I hear you Edwine, and with the news of CC Sabathia opting out the need is even greater. Shocked by the Sabathia situation, as I thought the opt out was a last straw if the Yankees were being stubborn.

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