Yankees vs. Orioles: Whose season will end tonight Yankees vs. Orioles: Whose season will end tonight Yankees vs. Orioles: Whose season will end tonight

Yankees vs. Orioles: Whose season will end tonight

The 2012 ALDS between the Yankees and the Orioleswill go down in baseball history as one of the most grueling, tense and frustrating series for both players and fans.

Curtis Granderson running during a game betwee...

Curtis Granderson running during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last 24-hours, I have witnessed a Yankees walk-off win in-game 3, followed by a 13-inning loss in-game 4.

And to say that my mood swings are out of sorts would be an understatement, as my voice is shot from cheering, my body is exhausted from standing and my mind has officially turned to mush.

I mean, if it weren’t for the three ‘Choc-tobers’ that I drank last night at Yankee stadium last night, I would have been frozen for all 13-innings, instead of just the last six.

The only Yankee criticism or question that comes to mind since neither team is hitting at all, is why skipper Joe Girardi pinched hit Ibanez for Jayson Nix in the eighth inning of the eventual 2-1 Orioles win?

Nix was filling in at shortstop for Derek Jeter, who was DH-ing after getting hit in his bum foot in-game 3 and I don’t think anyone was expecting the 30-year old journeyman to do much at the plate.

Well boy was that assumption wrong.

As making his first appearance this postseason, Nix went 2-4 with a double and was the only Yankees bat other than the Captain to actually do something at the plate.

So, in the bottom of the eighth inning when Girardi decided to put the previous evening’s hero, Ibanez in to pinch-hit I certainly didn’t think Nix would be benched.

Did Girardi miss all Curtis Granderson’s at-bats?

Over the four ALDS games, the Grandy-man has stuck out in nine of his 16 at-bats, with just one hit, one walk and is posting an alarming batting average of .063.

Not that the rest of the Yankees line-up is doing better as A-rod also has nine whiffs with a .125 BA but he did score a run, and walked twice, which is borderline miraculous in this group with Cano hitting .122, with four RBIs; and Swisher carrying a .133 thus far.

Now back to my original issue of why the heck Girardi took out the only player who wasn’t just making contact with the ball, but was hitting it?

The only rational explanation is that Girardi’s decision making went from red-hot to ice-cold even faster than the Yankees bats did, so I guess it falls in line with this October’s theme, which is not easy to watch.

Also, big props to Phil Hughes for doing his job exceptionally well on the hill but I am sorry the Yankees wasted it.

So now the ALDS is tied up 2-2, so that means tonight will decide both teams fates and I am just hoping the Yankees is hosting the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS over the weekend.

The odds are in the Yankees favor not only because they have ace CC Sabathia ready to go but also because thus team seems to respond when their backs get slammed against the wall.

Problem is the Orioles seem to have followed suit because they just won’t go away.

So, what should you expect tonight?

Prepare yourself for one of the nastiest dogfights between two teams, who are both looking to avoid their long, hard-fought season to end in a nightmare.