Yankees vs. Orioles: Picking ALDS favorite Yankees vs. Orioles: Picking ALDS favorite Yankees vs. Orioles: Picking ALDS favorite

Yankees vs. Orioles: Picking ALDS favorite

English: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles...

English: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles April 24, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Yankees found out their opponent in the ALDS will be their AL East division rival Baltimore Orioles.

So down to Baltimore they go, to an all-familiar Camden Yards where the Yankees have played, time and time again.

The two teams have spilt games this series 9-9, and that pretty much tells the story between these two teams, as their 2012 season stats vs. each other are almost identical. (Stats courtesy of ESPN.com)

NYY vs. BAL9015924024255870.2580.3360.4140.750126617
BAL vs. NYY9217540130307860.2760.3350.4840.819142495
NYY vs. BAL - BAL vs. NYY

I mean how can you pick a favorite in this ALDS series?

Maybe look at the last 7-days of the regular season? (Stats courtesy of ESPN.com)


My notes heading into this ALDS series:

  • The Yankees are coming off a hot end to the season, but the Oriole win vs. the Rangers in the Wild Card game cancels that out.
  • The Orioles will have to face a hot CC Sabathia to start the series.
  • And Robinson Cano is so hot he is new nickname is lava.
  • Yankees old bones got three solid days off, which will benefit them.
  • While the Yanks had 3-days of R & R, the Orioles had to fly to Texas; play in a tense game; celebrate the win with more champers; fly back to Baltimore and land less than 24-hours before Game 1.
  •  ‘The Thomenator’ (Jim Thome) was on the Orioles the last time they were in the postseason back in 1997, and he has 17-career homers in October. Thome’s, along with skipper Buck Schowalter, experience will be huge help.

On paper the series does lean towards the Yankees winning, but if the Orioles proved one thing this season it was to tear up anything and everything that was written down.

Oh how I love October baseball….

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  1. Heather says:

    Have you looked at the roster for the ALDS? Couldn't be happier. Left Nova and Andruw Jones off, and put Gardner in. http://yankees.mlb.com/team/roster_active.jsp?c_i