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Yankees: Opportunity knocking for Alex Rodriguez

Infamous New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez tweeted that he got the nod for the doctor to resume full baseball activities.

Yes, A-Rod decided to join the twitter universe this past week and shocker, he is already causing problems.

Injury updates typically come from a team’s GM or skipper not from the player himself and certainly not on twitter.

And the Yankees GM Brian Cashman let A-Rod know it by dropping the F-bomb publically according to Deadspin.

Well can you try to chalk up the twitter boo-boo  to A-Rod being A-Rod or as a rookie tweeting mistake?

Of course because as Yankee fans, we need to look at the bigger picture here and  that is A-Rod’s coming back… soon.

And over his 20-year professional career, A-Rod is about to embark on his bigger opportunity yet.

That is the chance to be a hero and lead this 2013 Yankees team into the postseason.

See the Yankees line-up so lefty heavy that the last home run off a righty batter came 29 games ago. And that was off the bat of Mark Teixeira, who is one step away from needing season ending surgery on his ailing right wrist.

That makes the return of A-Rod’s right-handed bat almost like a gift from God.


1) Look there is no sugar coating that this team cannot hit. These are the Bronx Bombers we are talking about here so to put it kindly, these batting stats are humiliating. (All stats courtesy of MLB.com)

2013 NYY Team Batting Stats

2) Even at 37-years old, A-Rod is an elite hitter with a ton of power.

3) A-Rod bats righty, which will make the lefty heavy Yankees line-up more competitive.

English: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees player.

English: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) A-Rod provides needed protection for Robinson Cano, who is getting walked a ton for good reason. Mind you Cano’s has been horrific this month so by no means am I saying that A-Rod’s return will not stop him from swinging at bad pitches. Cano needs to do that on his own, but the intentional walks should be minimal.

5) I would rather have an older, elite third baseman with multiple MVP’s and Gold Gloves manning third base than Jason Nix or Adam Warren. Wouldn’t you?

6) A-Rod is a man with one mission, working tirelessly with the goal helping his team win. Franklin Lloyd Wright once said, I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”

The bottom line here is this Yankees team has hung on by a thread that is bound to rip.

Admittedly, I am shocked the ball hasn’t dropped yet as this makeshift Yankees team has exceeded all expectations.

The Yankees are still in contention to win the AL East, but problem is so are the four other teams in the division.

In my humble opinion without injecting some power back into the everyday line-up, the Yankees will not be playing in October.

This makes A-Rod a welcoming and potentially critical addition in making sure post season baseball is played in the Bronx.

I just hope Yankee fans can let bygones be bygones and grab some Yankees tickets today.


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