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Yankees Not Revealing Injuries

The New York Yankees are injured, but how badly?

In tonight’s game win against the Boston Red Sox, what was Chan Ho Park doing in the game?

Park just got off the DL today and has not pitched since April 16, so putting him in such a tight situation, at the top of the 7th inning, made no sense.

The Red Sox blasted Park in the 8th inning, with two homeruns hit and took the lead from the Yankees, who looked obviously disappointed.

Then the TV camera flashed to the Yankee bullpen, and there was no movement from Joba Chamberlain or Mariano Rivera.

Joba didn’t even go a whole inning on Sunday, so he easily could have been used tonight. That’s when I realized that maybe he left the game against the Twins with an injury. The timing was weird, but I just blamed it on Girardi’s micromanaging.

Come to think of it, it explains Javier Vazquez move to the bullpen , the Yankees are desperate.Girardi claimed it was only as a precaution if the Yankees needed a long-man on Monday or Tuesday, and that Vazquez was still scheduled to start Friday against the Mets

Then why was Vazquez not put in over Park or Logan?

Also, why was Vazquez put in for the last out of the eighth and ninth inning?

Something is not right here and Girardi is not dishing on the true health of this team. It is annoying because it is so obvious by what has transcended tonight.

Whatever kind of fake out Girardi is trying to pull is not making much of a difference. Terry Francona can see the bullpen and what is NOT happening out there.


  1. Matt on Earth says:

    I am not sure I agree with your theory. I think the Yanks have been relatively transparent with their injuries this season. Joba and Mo both labored on Sunday. It's easy to call on the same guys every game if your name is Joe Tore.

    Otherwise, it's a good idea to utilize all the guys in the BP in order to preserve arms. Also, why would they bring those guys in the 5th, 6th, or 7th inning after Hughes was gassed? I dislike Boone Logan as much as the next guy, but someone needs to step in and Aceves / Mitre were unavailable.

    As to Javy, Joe clearly DID NOT want to use him. He used him because he was desperate for arms. If you use Mo or Joba (why you would when you're team is losing going into the 9th is beyond me) than there is no one left should the game become tied after 2 innings or so. Robertson was unavailable as he pitched this past weekened. Nova was sent back down. Who else is there?

    As to Francona, I think he has his own BP concerns to worry about. His relief core isn't fooling anyone of late.

  2. Kate says:

    I agree with the Javy part, but not with Joba. Joba was barely was in on Sunday and remember Joba can go two or three innings if needed

    Joba was starting in Spring Training and can handle it. What the heck was Chan Ho Park doing in the game after being on the DL since April 16. Park, got off the DL yesterday morning and to throw him in that situation makes no sense to me. It almost lost the Yanks the game.

    Robertson and Logan need to be replaced. Both stink far more than Mitre, who I am not a huge fan off, maybe because Girardi's in love with him.

  3. Matt on Earth says:

    Well Girardi (for better or worse) has deemed Joba an 'eighth inning guy.' I don't foresee him stretching him out to often – especially given his tendency to micro-manage. Although he didn't through many pitches on Sunday, he seemed to be laboring never-the-less. This was one the talking points Michael Kay (again…for better or worse), focused on after the game.

    I don't mind him throwing Park in as he needed arms. However, expecting 2 innings out of him in his first game back was probably wishful thinking. I agree with you though about Logan. He is awful and needs to go. Robertson was filthy last year and although this year he has been disappointing, strangely enough, is peripherals are fairly similar. Perhaps the organization is waiting to see if he can get straightened out. They have committed Melancon to rejoining the roster so that should help. Mitre has been serviceable this year. I am not a huge fan of his either, but I think credit is due there. He's done the job expected of him (and yes, Girardi does love him).

    Alas, Bullpens….

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Matt for your comments!!

      Well, when your beat-up like the Yankees are it is a tough call to make. Vazquez was shoved in the bullpen and I know the reason was to activate Park, but why not use Vazquez instead of Logan and Park?

      Logan and Robertson are game changers, and not in the good sense. Robertson has lost his flare, as his pitches look flat and homers get hit.

      Joba can go two innings if needed and I am much more confident in him than the two above and Park too. That was not Park's fault….

  4. Matt on Earth says:

    Also pertaining to Joba, Girardi said that he was not available on Monday because he warmed up and sat down twice during Saturday’s game in addition to playing both on Friday and Sunday.

  5. Kate says:

    Whatever, Joba pitched not even one inning on Sunday. Girardi was to so careful with Hughes last season so it is nuts to me.

    Hopefully tonight we can win and shut-up ESPN, at least for now.