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Yankees: Moneyball vs Stankees

Alfredo Aceves

Alfredo Aceves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no kind way to put this other than the New York Yankees stink right now.

Watching them lose again last night, 10-2 to the Seattle Mariners, was mind-numbingly disturbing, as it exposed the Yankees from all directions.

At 29-27, the Yankees are barely hanging on to second place in the AL East and if they want to stay relevant things have to get better fast.

The resolution is not all that complicated; play better baseball.

The Yankees need to score runs; stop making textbook infield errors; and personally I wouldn’t mind never seeing reliever Alfredo Aceves take the hill in pinstripes again. Look, the guy is giving me Sergio Mitre nightmares all right.

Just play baseball like this team is capable of, or the season will be over for the Bronx Bombers come the All-Star Break.

Starting tonight the Yankees will host the AL West leading Oakland Athletics, and personally, I am scared to watch these three games.

As the A’s are not the Twins or the Mariners, as this 35-22 team is way better and arriving on a three game winning streak.

To give you an idea here are Oakland’s team hitting stats compared to the Yankees.

(Stats courtesy of MLB.com)

2014 Team Batting Stats
Oakland Athletics57197529649810014662782504013270.2520.3400.4170.757
New York Yankees5619402324979011482151684074070.2560.3190.3880.707

The A’s have 18 more home-runs, 63 more RBIs, and have drawn 82 more walks than the Yankees in 2014, as well as have six less strikeouts. Talk about a role reversal, as the A’s stats read like the Yankees fans are so accustomed too.

Translation…the Yankees cannot keep up this nonsense vs. Oakland or else this series will serve as hitting rock bottom.

But did you ever think that maybe getting swept by the A’s could be a good thing for the Bronx Bombers?

True, hitting rock bottom is not fun but I would rather the Yankees go down hard now, as the only way to go from there is up.

And after losing the weekend series to the Twins, followed by the embarrassment that happened vs. the Mariners last night, you have to believe that the Yankees are hovering over the bottom of the barrel.

As the Yankees dysfunctions can no longer be downgraded, as even amid all the injuries this team has too many healthy All-Star players to excuse poor play any longer. And sometimes a wake up call, along with a glass of humility can be the perfect motivator.

Reality is the Yankees have the Baltimore Orioles breathing down their necks; the Boston Red Sox started to remember how to play baseball again and are making up for lost time by winning a lot.

Not to mention the Toronto Blue Jays, who are four games up over the Yankees in the division for now and they do not want that number to inflate.

Look, the bottom line here is the time has come for the Yankees to either put up or shut up; fish or cut bait; sh*t or get off the pot just do something please.

But please note that the former would be preferable, thank you.

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  1. tommyguy says:

    Seeing Jeter drop the carom from Gardner, boot the ball and then assume it was foul (as the runner went to third)…the wheels are coming off the wagon!

  2. hguhf 250 says:

    thanks for all this great and valuable informations …