Yankees: MLB determined to bust a Bronx Bomber - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: MLB determined to bust a Bronx Bomber - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: MLB determined to bust a Bronx Bomber - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: MLB determined to bust a Bronx Bomber

Are MLB investigators out to get PED users, or the New York Yankees

Cartoon by artist Marvin Terry.

That question is getting harder to answer with Big League Stew’s recent article stating that MLB is now investigating whether Yankees Robinson Cano had ties to the Biogenesis Clinic and it’s owner Anthony Bosch.

Bosch and his clinic allegedly supplied performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to dozens of major and minor league baseball players.

MLB investigators have not had much luck in proving this so they have resorted to paying ex-Biogenesis employees to talk with them, and for any documents implicating MLB players.

It is starting to seem pathetically obvious that MLB has their eyes on busting a Yankee; hence the Cano allegations, which are absolutely absurd.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines broke the news  that Sonia Cruz, a spokeswoman for Robinson Cano’s foundation, name was found on one of the clinics printed out documents to have received weight loss products totaling $300.

OTL also confirmed that, Two former Bosch associates said the $300 monthly tab was consistent with a weight-loss regimen, not performance-enhancing drugs.

Cano’s name was not found anywhere on any documents. ESPN said that Cano’s close friendships with Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera are why MLB thinks that Cano could indeed be connected to this whole PEDs ring.

Everyone knows that Cabrera and A-Rod have been busted for using PEDs in the past. As both their names were found on Bosch’s personal handwritten notes, along with a slew of other player’s names.

What makes no sense to me is why MLB investigators are going after Cano but, according to ESPN, have exonerated Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez?

Gonzalez’s father’s name was found on the same page of Bosch’s handwritten notes that A-Rod and Melky were on.

So understandably this makes the Cano investigation seem totally absurd and unwarranted.

Why are MLB investigators only going after Yankees?

Why not Gonzalez, or Brewers Ryan Braun who actually failed a test for steroids?

Rangers Nelson Cruz’s name was on the same paper with A-Rod and Melky’s but haven’t heard that any investigation focused on him.

Personally, I think MLB is playing with some serious fire here.

The moment investigators started paying for evidence and testimony because the US Courts have not intervened looks very desperate.

All this time and money could be used in educating young players on PED usage with the goal of working towards a cleaner future.

Instead, MLB looks more foolish with each new theory and all it does is hurt the game of baseball that is an innocent victim here.

Focusing on the past only tells me that MLB doesn’t trust what is going to happen with PED’s in the future, and that is very sad.

Voltaire once said, “Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.”

You, MLB and me could all learn something from that.

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  1. Esther says:

    MLB seems to have foresight into what it wants to find and blindness to what it does not want to find.

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