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Yankees: MLB wants to bust Alex Rodriguez at all costs

The infamous Biogenesis Clinic investigation is back in the headlines, along with whether New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez had any type of relationship with scumbag owner Anthony Bosch.

English: A-Rod in 2007. Español: A-Rod en 2007.

English: A-Rod in 2007. Español: A-Rod en 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, ESPN’s Outside the Lines claimed that MLB is just days away from dishing out a record number of suspensions to over 20 players for being connected to the clinic that doled out PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to athletes.

ESPN made some serious allegations claiming that some players, including A-Rod and Brewers Ryan Braun, are each facing 100-game suspensions for lying to MLB and for using PEDs.

MLB has released no statement confirming that ESPN’s report is true, but they haven’t denied it either.

Previously, Bosch had vehemently denied any association with A-Rod and that the publicized “notes” published in the Miami New Times back in January. Bosch also denied this on ESPN again in May.

MLB’s Commissioners Office has been hell-bent to prove that the now non-operational Miami clinic did actually supply players with PEDs spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours.

First, MLB tried to get law enforcement involved in this case but that failed.

So MLB resorted in suing Bosch, which they claimed were to discourage the use of other companies that sell PEDs to MLB players. But instead they seem to be using the lawsuit as a weapon against in him.

Sources supposedly told ESPN that MLB had agreed to the following terms with Bosch in exchange for his testimony:

In exchange for Bosch’s full cooperation, sources said, Major League Baseball will drop the lawsuit it filed against Bosch in March, indemnify him for any liability arising from his cooperation, provide personal security for him and even put in a good word with any law enforcement agency that might bring charges against him.

Bosch also got MLB to agree to protect him if any future charges get made against him.

Here are the issues I am having with this whole situation:

1) MLB is crossing an ethics line here in their quest to get the answer they want.

2) Tony Bosch is a liar practicing without a medical license.

3) Bosch is also the focal point of a federal investigation about his clinic since last summer.

4) Regarding A-Rod, he has not failed any drug tests issued by MLB since admitting to using back in 2009 so going to be tough to prove.

5) Shouldn’t MLB be spending all this time and money-making the game cleaner for the future instead of trying to save face for their own mistakes?

The bottom line and the BIGGEST problem I have with this whole investigation is MLB’s tactics.

What MLB is supposedly giving to Bosch to get him to change his original statements gives him major incentive to be as forthcoming as possible. It also gives Bosch a strong motivation to lie, which he has no problem doing.

Let me clear that by no means do I support cheating in baseball or in any other aspect in life.

But bribing and compensating a scumbag like Bosch, who has a torrid history for being a liar, doesn’t make MLB come out on top.

It makes the Commissioner’s Office look worse than the players they claim supposedly cheated. Desperation is ugly no matter who you are.

If and when A-Rod returns, fans need to go buy Yankees tickets and cheer him on from the get-go.


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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    It's about time MLB waged all out war against cheaters the USADA way…and penalize them harshly even without testing positive for PED's given their shrewdness in circumventing drug tests.

    Let us not have any Lance Amstrongs in MLB.

    A-Rod has stupidly been playing with fire. It's about time he got burned.

    • Lguy says:

      I am not an A-Rod appreciator as a player or person — but remember that of the 150 people "on the list" in 209 only A-Rod's name came out, everyone else's privacy was maintained ——-HUMMMM. Then the guy confessed! Who else is on "the list"? Then Ryan Braun was found …? What? and Big Popi — and Many is still being Many?

      • LLP says:

        Big Papi's name was released just days after A-Rod's but he said he needed to figure out what was going on before he addressed the issue. He never did….plus there were many names leaked from the Mitchell Report, which was supposed to be anonymous. What is even scarier is that it was a US court sealed document that got leaked…..

  2. Uncle Mike says:

    This is the same way Roger Clemens was acquitted: His main accuser turned out to be dishonest, and just as slimy as he was. And being slimy is not a crime, and so Clemens is, officially, not guilty.

    • LLP says:

      Actually Uncle Mike, Clemens trial got thrown out of court due to a major error made the first day in court.

      Pettitte's wife's video testimony was deemed not usable by the judge prior to at the start of Clemens trial. On day one of the trial, the video was playing in the court room and the jury saw it. It was such a rookie mistake that it seems awfully suspect considering how much time and money the government spent on their defense.

      Clemens was NOT deemed innocent of using steroids….he acted like he was but it was just declared a mistrial because of the video incident. Clemens is guilty as hell!!

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    A-Rod is not only a non-clutch, non-team player, he is just downright a non-intelligent person.

    After confessing to using PED's, the last thing a guilty cheater with decent level of intelligence should be associated with is a PED purveyor. But with stupid A-Rod, Biogenesis is exactly what he flirted with.

    Like a moth to flame.. A-Rod possibly can't help it. He is drawn to PED.

    Like a moth to flame, let him burn. For good.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – this is not the way to go about busting players. It is unethical and in a US court wouldn't hold up for a second. MLB is acting desperate here to clean up their reputation regarding PEDs over the last two decades. They let this happen for their own benefit and now want to prove otherwise. It is pathetic and trust me without a failed test…..no player will be given a suspension because Bosch is not credible at all.

  4. Uteyank says:

    I am a lifelong Yankee fan and I think we have the WORST BLOGG WRITERS known to man. [this writer being female, sorry] How do you know that Bosch is this big liar. I heard that he goes to Church on Sunday. This has to be handled this way. There is no other way to handle it. Prosecutors give reduced sentences all the time to convicted criminals for there info. and this is a business man that I don';t think has any prior convictions What's your damn problem anyway. You just want to be controversial

    • LLP says:

      Uteyank – I appreciate your opinion but I disagree with you. I think failed tests are the only way that a player can be prosecuted.

      Bosch is a scumbag. He tried to blackmail A-Rod into giving him money, and after A-Rod refused, Bosch went to MLB and offered up what he knows for cash, charges dropped and protection from law enforcement.

      Bosch is in trouble for forging a real doctor's signature on prescription forms, as well as a a deceased physician to obtain Rx. He also was practicing medicine without a license.

      Bosch is in trouble with the Florida Department of Health and the FBI so this goes well beyond the MLB PED stuff for him. He lied and said he never gave PEDs to MLB players in April and now with all the perks he si getting….all of a sudden he did?!?!

      Remeber that A-Rod has not failed a drug test since mandatory suspensions were included in the CBA. And the Player's Association is not going to let MLB base a drug suspension off the testimony of a guy with Bosch's reputation.

      I am not saying whether A-Rod is innocent or not, but this is certainly not the right, nor dignified way to go about this. It is embarrassing to see the Comissioner's Office Behaving like this, as their focus and money should be used to ensure a cleaner future for baseball.

      MLB knowingly let PEDs run rampant throughout baseball in order to gain the game's popularity back after the strike in 1994. Sosa-McGuire home run duel hogged National Headlines for weeks and got MLB much needed attention.

      A-Rod could have denied everything or ignored the fact that his name was leaked back in 2009, just like Big Papi did not.

      Braun has a failed test but due to lack of details in the rules about handling tests, Braun got off. And MLB is to blame for not covering every detail of the testing process…I mean they could have just copied the rules the Olympics and NFL use on handling but they did not. Otherwise Braun would have been deemed guilty.

      • Richard says:

        "Braun has a failed test but due to lack of details in the rules about handling tests, Braun got off. And MLB is to blame for not covering every detail of the testing process…I mean they could have just copied the rules the Olympics and NFL use on handling but they did not. Otherwise Braun would have been deemed guilty."

        There were NO lack of details. The details were not followed. His defense team later repeated the same process and the results were the same. In my Naval career I was sampled over 50 times. I'm glad there are strict chain of custody and storage procedures in place. MLB blew it. He's Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Richard says:

      Gee, Al Capone went to church every Sunday. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

      You are right that we always give immunity to scumbags to get the bigger fish. But that's our secret, don't tell anyone.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate is always wrong. She is wrong on which players to support(she likes bad boy type…like A-Rod, AJ Burnett…etc). She is wrong on which player to bash(Hughes is too clean looking) and which players to insult….like the way she calls all these veterans "washed up". And which manager to adore…she likes last year's Red Sox manager B.Valentine.

    A-Rod, the baddest of them all, she gives all the benefit of the doubt. No…not because she is a female writer. She just happens to be a female and this kind of writer: .ALWAYS WRONG. Until now, she blames Yanks fans for Burnett's melt down in pinstripe, and still supports A-Rod and makes the rest the bad guys..

    I don't think Kate will ever get it. She even does not realize she is actually a Red Sox fan. Klueless Kate.

    • Richard says:


      You need better material; same old worn out hyperbole. You stated last year you were leaving this blog, but alas you return.

      • LLP says:

        Richard – you are totally correct, but I thought the issue was being put to rest. This Biogenesis stuff is a whole new problem, and I did not know how low MLB would go in their investigation. MLB investigators are supposedly harassing anyone linked to this in Miami…going to homes, places the interested parties are out like bars and restaurants with the intent of getting information for their case. It boggles my mind that so much time and money are getting wasted when in reality without a failed test, it will be tough to prove much.

        Selig is probably retiring at the end of this season, and this is all for his legacy. Braun tricked the system, but the system was flawed and MLB has only themselves to blame for not being specific with how PES test packages get handled. If they just used the Olympics rules, Braun would not have had a case.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – Your Red Sox theory is ridiculous, but you have a right to think what you want.

      Regarding A-Rod….I never said he is an angel or not guilty in this situation but MLB has only themselves to blame for this whole situation. The tactics being used by MLB in this investigation are crossing serious ethics lines that would not hold up for a second in a US Court. It boggles my mind that so much time and money are getting wasted when in reality without a failed test, it will be tough to prove much. Selig is probably retiring at the end of this season, and this is all for his legacy.

  6. Kate, I agree and concur, 100%, with everything you have outlined and denoted in your analysis.

    As a third generation Yankee fan, and Miami native who grew up in Coral Gables, and knows & has interacted with direct members of the Bosch family, as well, as many of the "sources" involved, I can tell you that you have accurately portrayed what is transpiring here.

    Look no further to what MLB did to former UM pitching coach, Lazaro Collazo:

    "The court file also showed former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo objected to having his deposition taken by MLB lawyers because he said he had no connections with Biogenesis and Bosch and he had no documents relevant to the subpoena.

    Collazo filed a motion saying he was interviewed at his home by Neil Boland, MLB's vice president for information security, and MLB labor lawyer Patrick Houlihan, which Collazo's motion said was an encounter ''fraught with intimidation, coercion, embarrassment and repeated questioning'' about Biogenesis. Collazo claimed the deposition was an effort to ''annoy and harass'' him. "

    As for Bosch's own notes, outlined in that news tabloid rag, the Miami New Times, just a cursory glance of them, and you can see that the dates, years, etc. of the purported entries for A-Rod, are off, in terms of the incorrect days of the week, as per the corresponding year(s).

    What other "hard" evidence does Bosch have??? No video, no audio, no credit card receipts…if he did inject Alex at his now ex-Miami Beach house on North Bay Road, there would be security log entries, as that is a heavily gated community.

    More importantly, there is, for better or worse, an existing CBA agreement, and the union is, rightly, going to fight this tooth and nail, as Rodriguez has not tested positive, at all.

    Lastly, Bosch has been involved in a plethora of legal woes even before this matter, and is a hard core scumbag, who, as you cited, only flipped after he tried to extort money from Rodriguez.

    I understand many of us in Yankees Universe are upset about his productivity and the remaining portion of his contract, but there should be a sense of due process here, accorded to everyone, irrespective of what happened before hand.

    Once again, I commend you and keep up the great work !!!

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Carlos! I agree with everything you said….Selig is only concerned about himself and not the game itself in this investigation.

  7. Richard says:

    Then A-rod has nothing to worry about does he?

    • LLP says:

      Unless A-Rod did use PEDs courtesy of Anthony Bosch and decides to clear his conscience again.