Yankees: Do you know the Mets big reason to want to win? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Do you know the Mets big reason to want to win? - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Do you know the Mets big reason to want to win? - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Do you know the Mets big reason to want to win?

After losing the third game 8-3, but winning the series, this past weekend to the Rays, the New York Yankees headed into the Subway Series tied for first place in

Subway Series 2008

Subway Series 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the AL East.

Now a day later the Yankees sit in second place in the division for the first time in three weeks. And they have the Mets to thank for it.

Last night in Citi Field, the Bronx Bombers lost 2-1 to the Amazins.

As a Yankees fan, the game was agonizing to watch because the Mets are the far inferior ball club, but it was clear that they were playing for something way bigger then the Yankees.

The last shred of respect from the Mets diminished and discouraged fan base.

Mets fans have been tested and pushed to the limits for a long time now.

Try and imagine if Yankees Universe had to put up with even a quarter of what has gone on in Queens.

Yankee fans would be having literal heart attacks, leading to the creation of pinstriped hospital gowns.

Yes, the Mets stink.

Yes, the Mets have only won 19 games.

Yes, the Mets have a run differential of -41, a team batting average of .228, and a total of 369 hits, the worst in baseball.

And yes, those same Mets did just bump the Yankees to second place behind the Red Sox, who come to the Bronx this Friday.

The Mets might not be able to contend for much this season, per some kind of a miracle run, but they certainly can make the Yankees life a little harder.

Or God forbid be accountable for bringing this makeshift Yankees back down to earth.


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  1. Kurt Smith says:

    If I were a Mets fan, I would no longer be a Mets fan. It's not the losing as it is the disregard the team has for the fans who remain loyal through it. I cannot believe the Mets charge more for Subway Series than the Yankees do. Nor do the Mets offer a fraction of the deals that, say, the Nationals–a far better team–do to get people into the ballpark.

    • LLP says:

      Well, Mets fans do not show up all season long so I think owners are trying to maximize when possible.

      But Kurt…I do get what you mean because the Mets have the ability to be a big producing franchise if run correctly. That entails putting money into making it a championship ballclub.

      Wilpon doesn't have the funds to do that any longer, so everyone suffers. He is selfish, and should have sold the Mets to someone who can get them back to being relevant again. Bud Selig could have pressured Wilpon to sell, but they are old buddies so instead MLB lent him $25 million bucks.

      The Mets fans deserve better treatment….and that starts with getting some legit stars or at least buying a solid crop of relievers because their crappy bullpen is killing them.

  2. Michael Kirby says:

    Based on their reaction to last nite's ending, the Mets are way more invested in winning the Subway Series than the Yankees. Sadly for their fans, it will probably go down as their biggest win of the year. Also, Mariano blew a save to them in 1999 (remember hall of famer Matt Franco?)and the Yanks went on to win the WS. Maybe an omen?

    • LLP says:

      Michael – I love your analogy with last night's loss.

      It was really gross to watch as the Mets do not need to be the team to put the Yankees on a losing skid….already out of first place, which should not be blown off because of all the divisional games coming up.

      Remember last two seasons it came down to the wire for a playoff berth….