Yankees Made The Red Sox Bleed Pinstripes Last Night - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Made The Red Sox Bleed Pinstripes Last Night - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Made The Red Sox Bleed Pinstripes Last Night - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Made The Red Sox Bleed Pinstripes Last Night

The #4-train last night was packed full with Yankees and Red Sox fans heading to the Bronx. Expecting what looked to be the first game of a tough series for both the Red Sox and the Yankees. A forecast of what was to come on the road to the World Series.

Joba was the scheduled starter so as I got off the train at the stadium. I was rationalizing that this kid has faired very well against the Red Sox and Joba thrives off pressure.

Batting was going to play a huge part if the Yanks wanted to win. Joba has pitched so poorly lately that the likelihood of the bullpen having to go multiple innings was a realistic possibility.

Well, the game went on to be as positive for a team as the Yankees could have dreamt of the night before.

Reality set in for Joba after his last three innings, seven run disaster in Seattle. “Unacceptable” was the word that stuck from Manager Joe Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland to get this kid to wake-up. The Joba Rules were a now outdated and maybe the newfound freedom was the trick.

To sum it up:

• Joba pitched a solid six innings last night. Joba retired the first 11 Red Sox he faced. He was working quickly and his confidence was evident just by watching him.
• Yankees robbed a season high seven stolen bases. Most stolen by the team in 13 years.
• The bats all contributed in scoring nine runs with Jon Lester on the mound.
• Jeter started the game with a first pitch single and immediately stole second.

The Yankees looked like by far the more dominant ball-club. The Reds Sox looked like a team struggling to keep it. Big Pappi had his 27th homer which was about the only ray of hope displayed.

With the Red Sox being hot in pursuit to get into the playoffs, I thought that the battle would have been a war. The team fell apart fast but actually, Boston never really had their act together in the first place.

Nothing is set in stone for what the future holds but I can say that being a Yankee fan right now feels pretty darn good.

With the reality of perfection crushed the last two weeks by the staggering inconsistent play of the Bombers, fright definitely set in.

Taking the series in Anaheim was a battle in itself but maybe just the boost of confidence the team needed to not let the Angels egos get the best of them.

For a fan, I will believe because to win the World Series the part of the fans plays such a role that I think we all seem to forget sometimes.

Being at the game last night the only thing that bests describes the outcome is that the Boston Red Sox bleed pinstripes last night.

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  1. lil Tringles says:

    It sure does feel good to be a Yank fan right about now!!:-)I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you and let's hope the Yanks go all the way!Glad you enjoyed my post!Thanks again,Kate