Yankees: Mad props to Baby Steinbrenner for Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Mad props to Baby Steinbrenner for Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Mad props to Baby Steinbrenner for Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Mad props to Baby Steinbrenner for Alfonso Soriano

Again A Yankee, Alfonso Soriano

Again A Yankee, Alfonso Soriano (Photo credit: MattBritt00)

Welcome back Alfonso Soriano

As New York Yankees fans couldn’t be happier to have Soriano back in the Bronx again.

Since getting traded back from the Chicago Cubs to the Yankees, Soriano has hit 21 RBIs, seven homers, two doubles, three walks and 40 total bases.

Soriano still strikes out like you read about with 21 in his 66 total at-bats in pinstripes. This explains why he is posting a .258 batting average.

But I think it is safe to say that Yankees fans are elated to have Soriano back on the team.

The Yankees offense has finally awakened with the returns of Soriano, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson to the everyday line-up.

The Yankees are currently riding a four game winning streak, and are looking like their old selves again.

The pressure is on because at this point winning is mandatory if the Yankees plan to be playing baseball come October.

Trading for Soriano could be the difference maker if the Yankees can just get into the postseason with a Wild Card berth.

Now whom should you thank for bringing back a Yankees fan favorite, and undeniably offensive machine?

Yankees GM Brian Cashman?

No, he was against it completely.


No. But if Soriano was totally unproductive thus far, you can bet A-Rod would be tied to his lack of production somehow.


If you answered YES, ding…ding…ding…ding; you are correct.

The order to get the trade done came from the top. As inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner demanded that Cashman get Soriano back to the Bronx ASAP.

The NY Post reported that Cashman didn’t want to give Single-A pitcher Corey Black to the Cubs in the deal.

Cashman told the NYP’s Joel Sherman the following:

 “I would say we are in a desperate time. Ownership wants to go for it. I didn’t want to give up a young arm [Corey Black]. But I understand the desperate need we have for offense. And Soriano will help us. The bottom line is this guy makes us better. Did ownership want him? Absolutely, yes. Does he make us better? Absolutely, yes. This is what Hal wants, and this is why we are doing it.”

Well, I guess this confirms that Hal was not adopted as demanding is a trait he definitely got from his father.

The biggest distinction between the Boss and his youngest son is that daddy was a diehard baseball fan first.

Hal is more interested in the business before the baseball.

This is another reminder that Hal is the son George, and that means winning will come second only to breathing for him too.

I will leave you with some Yankees fans tweets about how they feel the return of Alfonso Soriano:





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  1. Davey says:

    It reminds me too much of the other Soriano that Cashman didn't want… If I remember right, that worked out pretty good for the Yankees as well????

    • LLP says:

      Davey…you are totally correct as without Rafael Soriano last season, the Yankees would have been in BIG trouble when Mo went down.

      I wished they had kept him on for the life sans Mo….loved the "everybody just untuck!"

      • Davey says:

        Untuck was pretty sweet! That's become my 5 o' clock ritual!! Too many crazies doing weird save celebrations lately!! The untuck is a classic!

        I'm not sure why Cashman likes going on record as opposing taking these guys?

        I do hope Robertson finds that 9th inning groove though, my ringtone is "Sweet Home Alabama" for that reason!!!

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  3. Davey says:

    I think Soriano in our lineup is really letting Cano relax. Maybe seeing better pitches too? Either way it is better for everyone right now!!