Yankees are losing October Yankees are losing October Yankees are losing October

Yankees are losing October

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The Chicago White Sox swept the New York Yankees right out of the Windy City; and now all that separates the Bombers from the Tampa Bay Rays is just three-games in the AL East.

There is no nice way to put it this, this was a pathetic and disgusting showing by the Yankees.

The only bright light in this dark and crumpling tunnel was last night’s performance of pitcher Phil Hughes.

Hughes held the White Sox to five hits, two runs, while fanning five over seven solid innings, and no doubt put the Yankees in a winning position.

As any reader of LLP knows I went from being a bug fan of Hughes to not. But even though I still have doubts, to his credit Hughes did come through when the team needed him vs. a tough Chicago team.

I was most impressed by how Hughes worked his way out of a rough, 28-pitch, first inning; only to settle into a groove and throwing 98 pitches and 71 were strikes.

It was a HUGE night for HUGHES in my book, as he took control and was confident throughout.

Unfortunately the Yankee bats couldn’t muster up more than a run against the Chicago southpaw Chris Sale, who struck out 13 batters last night in the 2-1 White Sox win. The only Yankees run came courtesy of the Captain’s 13th homer on the season.

And once again Yankee fans had to witness another series filled with missed opportunities by the Yankees bats.

The Yankees left 23 runners on the base in the Windy City, and once again I got that knot in my stomach as my frustrations grew.

The fact that Ivan Nova flew back to NYC to have his shoulder examined is not reassuring as I do not know how much more hardship this team can handle.

It will be a big pick-me-up to have CC Sabathia back on the hill, come Friday vs. the Indians. But something has to give here, or else the Yankees are going to be looking up at Tampa Bay in less than a week.


Well, for one if the Yankees plan on taking the division they have to win 23 of the next 38 games, which is a pretty tall task for a team that is only winning 58% of their games at this time.

And the above won’t happen to a team, like the Yankees who when down in the 9th inning, they’re done. Championship teams have late-inning heroics and spark so someone better light a match ASAP or it could get really ugly.

My dad’s advice was to try to move on and hope for better things to come but his tone lead me to believe that he is still convincing himself of this too.

All I keep thinking about is the new class of playoff disappointment that baseball has yet to experience; and whether the Yankees will be the first.

And why shouldn’t I as the injuries are vast, the cracks are showing and this Yankees team is not reliable enough to win essential games against tough opponents.

The Yankees have a very needed day off today, and after this 20-games stretch I think it is safe to say the fans do too.

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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    The Nats fans are lucky Kate does not claim she is a Nats fan or they surely would have to endure her doomsayings and gloomy premonitions in the wake of the NATS four game losing streak including a sweep by the last place Phillies.

    Klueless Kate has no idea what she has become to Yanks fans with all her apocalyptic blogs. But actually she is more than just a thorn in the side. She emits the same irritating vibes as a loud Red Sox fan amongst us in NYC bars or Yankee stadium.

    Folks, this is a really exciting pennant race we all can experience together… to possibly photo finish. We certainly do not need Klueless Kate to forebode we are losing October. We certainly are not.

    Unfortunately she is all over YB. She should just be sprayed at with D-con…like a pest. Poof! Done with.